Together, You Shall Thrive and Feel Fine

When you are sick,

You are frightened,

You rage at fate

For what happened.

Does it helpful?

Don’t let your exertions exhaust you,

All burdens you bear may fatigue you.

Instead of admitting defeat,

Open your heart,

Listen to the words of the great,

Relinquish your control,

Unlock your anger,

Healing comes

When you disclose

And seek peace from the Divine.


You shall thrive

And feel fine!


Hello, how are YOU?

When one gets sick, one shall consult the doctor and seek medical attention.

However, having proper mindset is important to one’s healing process.

I Hope that YOU all Enjoy A Healthy, Hopeful, and Happy Life!

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How Can You Protect Yourself Without Being Judgmental?

Judgment is accompanied by a negative emotional reaction. You don’t like what you see, you resist what you experience. Your expectations are unsatisfied. You lose fun and thus lose energy.

Discerning is seeing a person or a circumstance as it is. You observe the quality of other individuals without painful emotional reactions to your observations. In this case, you act as a rational observer and your energy maintains.

Judging is seeing yourself as superior to another person. Discerning is seeing others clearly. Judgment has an emotional charge to it, it makes one person a victim and another a villain, you have compulsive reactions while judging. Discernment allows you to observe, think, act with care.

There may be art in how to handle cases in reality.

For example: You dislike the way your friend talks to you. If you say: “You are rude, I don’t like your attitude.”, then you are judging and your friend’s feeling is hurt despite the fact that you are wounded as well. A better way to react is to say: “Oh, my, are you okay, dear?”, then your friend will be okay or feel guilty, the positive relation remains.

Good Luck to You regarding friendships, partnerships, and blogging comments exchanges.

Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 12 (April 1-7, 2010)

Hello, Everyone, How Are YOU?

Welcome toย Thursdays Poetsโ€™ Rally week 12.

Rules to Participant:

#1: If you are a poet who is new and want to join our Thursday Poetsโ€™ Rally, post a poem in your own blog, and comment here with Your Poem link Included to let me know, I will add your on, visit 12 participants to fulfill the requirement.

#2: If you are previous participants, please feel free to visit either 12 fresh poets in my list, or visit 6 participants that are new to you, 6 fresh poets in my list.

#3: Very important, please make sure to comment back to return compliments when you are given comments by our participants.

#4: After you have commented a minimum 12 blogs, let me know and you will remain on the list the following week as active poets.

PS:Your link will NOT appear as participants UNLESS you commented below, I need your word of approval so that we have mutual understanding and respect upon this event. Thank U in Advance and Have FUN on the Rally!

Week 11 The Perfect Poet Award

Week 11 Poets Rally post

Week 12 Participants

I have revised the rules, please read them from above, let me know if I forget or overlook,ย  I will do better when I am entirely freeโ€ฆ:)


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The Butterfly Award for YOU

The Butterfly Award

Jingle made this award herself, the image is free from clip art,

In the past few weeks, Jingle is blessed with so many loving comments

and has been surrounded by so many open minded friends. Among them,

Brian Miller, Jamie Thorne and Viola are three special friends who are selfless and perfect

in commenting and touching many people’s lives. It saddens me that Viola does not feel well

at this moment,ย  Brian has been on a break and will be back within a week , I wish to thank them for their consistent love and wisdom shared with fellow bloggers via their blog posts and their beautiful comments. In addition, Jamie will have her Birthday this Friday, I wish to say: Happy birthday, Jamie! She is long time supporter of Thursday Poets’ Rally along with Brian.

Please Pay these three friends a visit today via commenting:

#1: Jaymie

#2: Viola

#3: Brian miller

The Butterfly Award goes to the above three friends and also goes to YOU, who are reading this post and decide to giveย  our precious friends on above list greetings via commenting to wish them well today!

Rules: Feel free to pass to 0-? friends!

The Outstanding Blogger Award

Created by Jingle, Please feel free to take and pass

to 0-? friends, this world needs love and encouragement.

Congratulations to the following 15 friends:

#1: William

#2: Jaymie

#3: Viola

#4: Brian miller

#5: 2a24

#6 Doraz

#7: Amy

7+: Amy

#8: Kathy

#9: Rajlakshmi

#10: Pat

#11: Megzone

#12: Alice Audrey

#12+: Suzicate


#15: Gerardinebaugh

The Honest Scrap Award

Alice Audrey gives me this award on March 29, 2010. See her link at:

Rules to Accept the Award:

  1. Thank the person giving you this award.
  2. Copy the award to your blog
  3. place a link to their blog
  4. Name 7 tidbits people donโ€™t know about you from reading your blog.
  5. Nominate 10 Bloggers.
  6. Place a link to those Blogger.
  7. Leave a comment letting those Bloggers know about the award.

7 Things about Jingle:

  1. I am left handed
  2. I used to knit socks, mittens, sweaters, and etc. while in college.
  3. I prefer to drive and sightseeing the nature when I take family vacations.
  4. I love reading ever since I was seven years old.
  5. I like pizza.
  6. I barely watch TV nowadays.
  7. I was afraid of snakes, earthworms, eels, etc.

I am grateful for the honor Alice offered to me, thanks a lot, xxx

I pass The Honest Scrap award to the following friends:

Mama Zen



Jean Has Been Shopping






Corve DaCosta

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

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One Way To Become Famous Is To…

One way to become famous is to be a witch,

For then you can swallow bacon by the flitch;

You can fly without knowing why;

You can be rich and out of ordinary folks’ reach;

You can perform magic without causing anything tragic;

You can stop an itch by adding w to see yourself as a witch.

If you are a bitch, not a witch,

you may not become rich.

Be careful, my dear,

Ignore those hurtful jeer.

Find a way to become tame,

And once win some fame,

change your user name,

Be a witch,

buy a horse,

Be Wise,

Don’t get a divorce.

Be a wise witch,

Of course,


Before sunrise.


How are You?

One way to become famous is to___________.

I hope to read YOUR ideas and listen to YOUR wisdom of words.


๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰