HAiry Thoughts on Hare or Hair, Here and There! November 15, 2013


Here and there,
People stop what they do,
making blank stare,
“A hare, there!”
Someone shouts,
“A hair, where?”
The other one responds;
“A big wild rabbit, there!”
“A fat grey bunny, here?!
is this what you refer?”
“Oh, yeah!”
“Alright, lady fair!
I’m thrilled that you
eventually hear that ‘HARE’!”
“I thought it was ‘HAIR’
in the first place, well!”
silent grins,
beautiful air hangs,
no more despair,
because everyone has hairy thoughts,
some time somewhere…
Think of new york city time square,
handy sample “Sandy” turns air heavy, bare!

a sid leeMatt Schapiro Shawn Pengv=she

You, She, I, Excuse Me and Good Bye

You were our friend,
Things came to an end,
Because, something I “offend”.
I was waiting outside the door,
But she jumped over the floor
and went to see you, I saw.
After she’s gone,
I came in
and you asked me to leave you alone.
You, She, I,
You chose her,
I know why.

Write a poem, or a short story  in 55 words. Give it a try and notify  G-man

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Lots of Laughter in 55 Words

I’m saddened by online schemes,
online schemes dishonoring our names,
I’m bothered by computer bugs,
computer bugs with electric shocks.
I’m stalked by ghosts,
ghosts spying posts,
I’m attacked by sick roses,
sick roses that few chooses.
I’m entertained by foxes,
foxes that pop out of boxes.
I’m tickled by poems,
poems composed at homes.

Lots of Laughter (Clerihews by Vinay)

Friday Flash 55 (by G-man)

Thursday Thinking Tank at Poets United (Ghost)

The writing is a fiction, simply try to have fun while fit the themes…Thanks for reading.

Have A Laugh Today

I am sharing some jokes:

#1: What word is always pronounced wrong?

#2: What do you lose whenever you stand up?

#3: What is very light, but cannot be held for long?

#4: What is the richest kind of air?

#5: Which runs faster, hot or cold?

#6: Why is the calendar so sad?


#1: Wrong

#2: Your lap

#3:____your turn

#4: ____your turn

#5:_____your turn

#6: Because its days are numbered.

Time 4 A Change (Get Lots of Laughter In 2011)

Happy 2011, The Year of Rabbit, did you see it above with its favorite food?

Lots of Laughter (Time 4 a change), I’ve got some jokes and please laugh and show something creative by answering three unanswered questions below, Good Luck!


Q1: what are the two things you cannot have 4 lunch?

Q2: What candy is never on time?

Q3: What food stays hot no matter how cold the temperature is?

Q4: When do you stop on green and go on red?

Q5: Why did the boy put sugar under his pillow?

Q6: Why is the honey so scarce in Boston?

Q7: What did Baby Corn Say to Mama Corn?

A1: Breakfast and Dinner

A2: Choco-late

A3: ______ (You Try please)

A4: When you eat watermelon.

A5:________ (Your turn please)

A6: Because there is only one B (Bee) in Boston.

A7: ________(Good Luck, think of who is missing in a family, then you know….)

Happy January 1, 2011, everyone!

Happy Birthday, Kavita!

The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 Awards (Art, Humor, Cooking, plus Short Stories)

Greetings, Welcome to Jingle!

Food/cooking: The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 Award In Food/Cooking has the following winners:

Buttercup600 (7 votes)

Barbara ( 7 votes)

Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved (6 votes)

Cindy (4 votes)

Amy (4 votes)

Willow ( 3 votes)

Michelle (3 votes)

Kavita (2 votes)

Hoiden (2 votes)

Carol Ann Hoel (2 votes)

Art/painting: The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 award in Art/Painting has the following  30 winners:

RiikaInfinityy (10 votes)

A.B. Thomas, Mutter Fluka ( 6 votes)

Trisha ( 5 votes)

SmArtee (5 votes)

Dancingfreak (5 votes)

Celebrating a Year ( 4 votes)

liv2write2day ( 4 votes)

Megzone ( 4 votes)

Dustus (Adam) (4 votes)

Artswebshow ( 4 votes)

Ladynimue ( 3 votes)

Rajlakshmi ( 3 votes)

Doraz ( 3 votes)

Dasuntoucha ( 3 votes)

Thysleroux ( 3 votes)

lesliepaints (3 votes)

Jingle ( 3 votes)

Joanny ( 3 votes)

Bing (PinkLady) ( 3 votes)

Amy ( 3 votes)

Leo (Leonnyes) ( 3 votes)

Tasithoughts (3 votes)

PurpleHatter ( 3 votes)

Scent of my heart ( 3 votes)

Heather grace stewart ( 3 votes)

Suzanne ( 3 votes)

Purvi ( 3 votes)

Noha (3 votes)

Lyn ( 3 votes)

Madeleine ( 3 votes)

Art/painting:The following bloggers have won The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 in Art/painting Honorable Mention Award:

Amanda/buttercup, Imagination, Kathe W, Fyodor Lewis, Kristen, Mellisa, Shewriting, Imagina, Someone is special, Babara, Talon, Olivia, Joef, The reason you come, Desiree, Alethea, Ilovepinks, C it my way, Redness, expressive world, Jannie Funster, Thea, My crazy life, Wanjikun, G-man, Catnip, Kathy, Tanka, Jerry, Tim, Thoam, Ashbeezone, Ishabelle (1 or 2 votes)

Humor: The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 in Humor Award has the following winners:

Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved ( 9 votes)

Leo (Leonnyes) ( 8 votes)

Nanka ( 7 votes)

A.B. Thomas, Mutter Fluka ( 6 votes)

TALON ( 6 votes)

Jingle ( 6 votes)

Liv2write2day ( 5 votes)

Artswebshow ( 5 votes)

Someone Is Special ( 5 votes)

Doraz ( 5 votes)

Sumit Sarkar ( 5 votes)

lovelyannie79 ( 4 votes)

Kavita ( 4 votes)

Bing (PinkLady) ( 4 votes)

Vibhuti B ( 4 votes)

William ( 4 votes)

Emmanuel Ibok ( 4 votes)

Megzone ( 4 votes)

Scent of my heart ( 4 votes)

Sunny ( 4 votes)

G-man ( 4 votes)

Buttercup600 ( 4 votes)

RiikaInfinityy ( 4 votes)

Bananazஇ ( 3 votes)

Thom ( 3 votes)

Sheila ( 3 votes)

Olivia ( 3 votes)

Dr Madan Goyal ( 3 votes)

Ashbeezone ( 3 votes)

Deadpoet88 ( 3 votes)

Dan ( 3 votes)

Gracefulglider ( 3 votes)

Timoteo ( 3 votes)

Jessica ( 3 votes)

Shashi ( 3 votes)

Jerry ( 3 votes)

♥ Kathy ( 3 votes)

Humor:The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 In Humor Honorable mention Award has the following winners:

Thysleroux, angela, Wordsalad, Bodhirose, Willow, Tim Keeton, Tweety, Dancing freak, Tasithoughts, Thoughtsnotlost, Trisha, Christopher, Chamz, the reason you come, heather, lunna, Dennis, wordwand, beyond the blog, Ishabelkle, comedyplus, Tracy, Kellie, Celebrating a year, Caribbean fool, Chris G., words4afriend, Fiveloaf, Amy (1 or 2 votes)

Short stories:The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 Award in short stories Winners  ( 34 bloggers)

Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved ( 15 votes)

Kavita ( 12 votes)

TALON ( 11 votes)

Leo (Leonnyes) ( 11 votes)

Someone Is Special ( 11 votes)

Jingle ( 11 votes)

Scent of my heart ( 10 votes)

Olivia ( 10  votes)

Buttercup600 ( 9 votes)

RiikaInfinityy ( 9 votes)

Fiveloaf ( 9 votes)

Deadpoet88 ( 9 votes)

Liv2write2day ( 9 votes)

Dan ( 8 votes)

A.B. Thomas, Mutter Fluka ( 8 votes)

Trisha ( 7 votes)

Vibhuti B ( 7 votes)

Ashbeezone ( 7 votes)

Bodhirose ( 7 votes)

Kellie Elmore ( 7 votes)

Celebrating a Year ( 7 votes)

Tracyhsays ( 6 votes)

William ( 6 votes)

Revbillcook ( 6 votes)

Life: Between the lines ( 6 votes)

Tasithoughts ( 6 votes)

Emmanuel Ibok ( 6 votes)

Thoughtsnotlost ( 6 votes)

Nanka ( 6 votes)

Dancingfreak ( 5 votes)

lovelyannie79 ( 5 votes)

Glory ( 5 votes)

Chris G. ( 5 votes)

Dennis ( 5 votes)

Alethea ( 5 votes)

The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 runner-up award in short stories has the following winners:

Jessica ( 4 votes)

Caribbean Fool ( 4 votes)

Bing (PinkLady) ( 4 votes)

Booguloo ( 4 votes)

LeiffyV ( 4 votes)

Sam373 ( 4 votes)

Industrialarts ( 4 votes)

Angela Cohan ( 4 votes)

Shashi ( 4 votes)

Sumit Sarkar ( 4 votes)

Tweety ( 4 votes)

Gracefulglider ( 3 votes)

Dr Madan Goyal ( 3 votes)

Teresa ( 3 votes)

Haisley ( 3 votes)

Fairygodsister ( 3 votes)

Megzone ( 3 votes)

The Reason You Come ( 3 votes)

Words4Afriend ( 3 votes)

Luke Prater ( 3 votes)

Curtis Honeycutt ( 3 votes)

Chamz (3 votes)

Mr. Mojo Risin ( 2 votes)

River ( 2 votes)

( 2 votes)

bward42 ( 2 votes)

Eaton Bennett ( 2 votes)

Pat Cegan ( 2 votes)

Fillingahole ( 2 votes)

Artswebshow ( 2 votes)

Hoiden ( 2 votes)

Nimue ( 2 votes)

Tootsie ( 2 votes)

Lu Ann ( 2 votes)

Heather grace stewart ( 2 votes)

jargnar ( 2 votes)

Gwen Dubeau ( 2 votes)

heartspell ( 2 votes)

Carol Ann Hoel ( 2 votes)

Dom* ( 2 votes)

G-man ( 2 votes)

~Drew ( 2 votes)

Rajlakshmi ( 2 votes)

wiserskydiver ( 2 votes)

Willow ( 2 votes)

Gnarlyoak ( 2 votes)

Chick Under Construction ( 2 votes)

Doraz ( 2 votes)

Julielaing ( 2 votes)

The story book ( 2 votes)

Sending up joy ( 2 votes)

The following bloggers plus those who are nominated in the post ( see link below) have won The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 honorable mention in short stories..

Gally Lines ~



thoughtful delights 🙂

Out Of Context: pieces of a life





Shigune Matsui


Naba Kumar Barman



Happy Christmas, Everyone!

I have no control of the outcome, if your link is included in the nomination post, you win The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 In Short Stories honorable Mention Award, all other awards are specified with names and please look 4 your name and enjoy!

Everyone can win, if you stay active via Thursday Poets Rally, Jingle Poetry Potluck, or simply have kept close in touches with fellow bloggers in Jingle / Jingle poetry Community…  Thanks for those who voted and BEST Wishes of the Day!  xxx

everyone can take this award..

Weekend Humor

Humor #1: Why was the principal worried?

Humor #2: Why did the teacher in school wear sunglasses?

Humor #3: Why was the student’s report card all wet?

Humor #4: Why did the teacher marry the janitor?

Humor #5: Dad, can you write in the dark?

Answers: #1:____

#2: Because his class was so bright.


#4: because he swept her off her feet.

#5: Dad: I think so, what do you want me to write?

Son: your name on this report card.

Happy Friday! Let’s see if you can answer questions to #1 and #3

Kids Basketball Game In 160-Fishy No More

The basketball game’s on,

Life’s guidance gone,

Get drowned.


Whistles blow,

A free throw,

Faces glow.


Steal, dribble, score,

Fishy no more,

Win by 4.

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Sunday Scribbling (Guidance)

Blue Monday

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Without Laughter, Life Is A… (4 Potluck Week 12)

Without leaves,

Trees stand bare;

Without beliefs,

Minds don’t care.

Without gasoline,

Cars go nowhere;

Without discipline,

Chaos is everywhere.

Without water,

The earth will be dry;

Without air,

Living beings will die.

Without the sun,

No growth will be done;

Without the moon,

Stars will twinkle with a dull tune.

Without laughter,

Life is a disaster;

Without craziness,

Life becomes meaningless.

Everything exists 4 a good reason,

Accept life’s every single season.


Poets United

Lots of Laughter (Crazy)

Poetry Potluck (Nature, Plants, Creatures, & the Cosmos)

Hello, how are you? if you are a poet, I sincerely invite you to join our Monday Poetry Potluck tonight, old poems, poems unrelated to our theme are all welcome! Happy Monday! Thanks You For the beautiful participation! xxx


Everyone Makes Mistakes

Signs are tools

To keep you from getting into troubled pools,

Be aware and use the clues.


Everyone makes mistakes,

That does not mean your life  is flushed in risks,

Get up and move on, no shames.


Don’t tease someone’s blemish,

Focus on positive energy, and make good use of it,

Let love and embrace flourish!


Haiku Heights.  (Blemish)

For Lots of Laughter (Signs)







The Perfect Poet Award 4 Week 30

A talented poet Alethea nominated Jingle for the perfect poet award week 30, many THANKS, YOU ROCK! xxx

To see her nomination, click on the link below, Thanks.

Jingle wish to nominate



William Manson


4 week 31 The Perfect Poet Award, Many thanks for the beautiful poetry and lovely participations! I wish to nominate all of you…but have to restrict my nomination to the above poets.

Happy Sunday!

Happy Blogging!