Happy Thanksgiving (Awards/Treats 4 YOU)

Potluck Week 11 Theme: Magic, Wonders, Miracles And Wizadry

Great big thanks to Kavita/Amanda 4 the inspirations! U Rock, Girls!


To me, love is magic,

Without love, life is a tragic;

Thus, I give love,

Hope to rise above;

Wonders come from passions,

They are the fuel to all physical and chemical reactions.

Miracles are born from confidence and persistence,

They are the awards to your intelligence and prudence.

Wizardry is really a fantasy,

It is a creation of your dreams, I say.

Life could be magical,

If you keep loving, creating, and behaving logical…


This is my last entry for

Poetry Potluck

Week 11, I encourage everyone of you to submit a poem today (via the above link)  to show love and support to our budding community, Thanks in advance!

The Most Talented Poetess Award of 2011

The Most Romantic Poet Award of 2010

The most Professional Poet Award

Jingle offers THREE AWARDS above to poets who have attended Jingle Poetry Potluck Week 11 or will participate on week 11…We are still open, you have about 20 hours to submit your entry, old poems or poems unrelated to our theme are welcome!

Come on in, your poetry makes me smile! xxx

The Elegant Butterfly Award

The Most Thoughtful Blogger Award of 2010

A roasted Turkey 4 u  🙂 😉

Grab a plate, enjoy the treat!

Dear friends, Jingle appreciates all of YOU, who are either general bloggers or poets who have been supporting and visiting her blogs, including those who simply READ this post…

Please enjoy the TWO AWARDS and TWO TREATS from above.

Smiles! Happy Happy Thanksgiving! xxx

Friendship Means A World 2 Me

The Best Weekly Photo Award from purplehater:


The Most Creative Blogger Award from Imagina


U R A Rare Friend Award from Hoiden:


Friends are the best award from dragonfliesandgoodsebumps:


and from Tastithoughts:


The Most Elegant Blogger Award from Riikainfinityy:


The Torch Bearer For Poets Award from Cindy:


Time flies, it is end of August, to celebrate love, birthdays, friendships, and the end of Summer, here, I take some awards from friends mentioned above and share them with ALL of U…

Happy End of August!

Anyone who read this post could claim three of the above awards without further notification from Jingle

Rules: take 3 of your choice and pass them to 1 to 10 friends.

PS: I take them trying to be fair to all of you because in the past, I have accepted other friends or poets’ award… thanks for thinking of me, xxx

Please feel free to visit these beautiful friends to enjoy their talent.








Friends are speical,

Friends are cool,

Friendship means a world 2 me,

Let’s get active and become friendly!

Haiku (Struggle) Plus Belated Birthdays & Awards

My Haiku Entry 4 Leo’s Meme: http://haiku-heights.blogspot.com/2010/08/prompt-4-struggle.html

I am hurt by bears,

By bears with chairs,

I am hurt by sharks with locks.


I struggle with rhymes,

With rhymes that make my poem

Writing longer times.


Sorry for missing your birthday…

Happy Belated Birthdays Wishes to the following:

Amanda’s son, who has the same birthday as Jingle’s son, May 22,

Check out Amanda here: buttercup600.wordpress.com

Doraz’s 2nd son, who has a birthday on August 11, 2010


And a fellow and highly talented fresh poet Leo at: leonnyes.wordpress.com/

Happy Belated Birthday from Jingle and Friends of Jingle to THREE individuals mentioned above, including those who has a birthday this month and did not reveal….

Alan’s Son Nathan has 22 birthday today: Happy Birthday!http://ncbeachcomber.wordpress.com/2010/08/19/happy-birthday-nathan/

A lovely Blog Award from Eric at Bubba’s Place:


Well, I know Eric from my blogger account and know that he is a  talented poet who takes friendship seriously…Jingle is honored to be nominated along with 12 bloggers.  xxx

The Most Supportive Poet Award from Jingle

The Most Elegant Blogger Award from Jingle

Rules: share with 1 to 10 friends

What a celebration!

At this time, Jingle wish to share above awards to ALL of YOU who have commented under this post, and commented under the following posts:

Wednesday Sensational Haiku


Happy 2nd birthday to Noha’s Twin Babies:


Monday’s Child #7: Did You Know?


Got Pinked, An Award To Pass…

One Lovely Blog Award

Award from Rhythmofmysoul:


Award from Kavita:


Award from Heartspell:


Beautiful, Talented, and Loving poets, Kavita, Ilakya Spandhanaa,  and heartspell, you guys are amazing!

Jingle thanks you for your shining spirits, unbeatable wisdom, and remarkable talent in poetry, or writing…Way 2 Go. Jingle is humbled and seriously accept the award, xxx

Please feel free to visit

Kavita, heartspell, and Ilakya Spandhanaa   !

Rules to Accept the Award:

  1. Thank the person giving you this award
  2. Copy the award to your blog.
  3. place a link to their blog
  4. Name 7 things about you.
  5. Nominate 10 Bloggers.
  6. Place a link to those Blogger.
  7. Leave a comment letting those Bloggers know about the award.

Seven (7) things about Jingle:

  1. I prefer to hand wash dishes.
  2. I used to knit socks, mittens, sweaters, and more while in college.
  3. I prefer to drive and sightseeing the nature when I take family vacations.
  4. I love reading ever since I was seven years old.
  5. I like pizza.
  6. I barely watch TV nowadays.
  7. I was afraid of sing while I was in middle school because I thought that my voice is ugly.

Jingle passes the award to the following friends, I have to double the number due to the fact that I am nominated by two, now three friends.







Poet Traveler




Broken sally








Dennis the Vizsla



NicoleB, Egypt

Eaton Bennett


NOW, Jingle offers the following two awards for


Ilakya Spandhanaa




and 4 EVERYONE who is this community and wishes to have them….cheers!

Rules of AcceptanceSimply pass to 1-10 friends that touch your life deeply via blogging.

Your Comments Are My Sunshine Award by Jingle

Nature Is My Teacher Award by Jingle

Awards from Wordwand, Trisha, and More

Weekly Poet Whom Is Worth Reading Award

A Special Award from Wordwand:


Thank you Wordwand for this special offer. Jingle is highly honored and humbled. xxx

Please visit Wordwand at Wordwand and read the following POETS today.

Brian William JStar Doraz Trisha Celebrating a Year Artswebshow Suzicate

Doubtfulpoet Jruthkelly Rajlakshmi Me kkrige Tammy Sam ♥ Chocolate Lover ♥

Readers Dais The walking man Sam Liu -Sweeter Poetry Dom* Jim Anya Pravin Nair

PattiKen David Rheins Eaton Bennett Stan Ski Kim Williams Cinner Mark Jackson

Adam Poet Traveler Talon Viola Alice Audrey Ediomo Udofia Justsomethoughts…

Sunshine Award

Sunshine Award from When I Reach: http://00dozo.blogspot.com/

Thank You for your open mind and beautiful attitude as a friend. xxx

Please visit When I Reach today!

Here Are the Rules:

  • Put the logo on your blog above or below your post.
  • Pass the award to 12 blogger.
  • Link the nominees within your post.
  • Let the nominees know they have received the award by commenting on their blogs.
  • Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

Jingle tags the following 12 friends.




Steve E



Secret agent woman

Sam Liu

Jane Jones



Crystal Mary

You Make My World Rock Award

Your Soul Is Full of Music Award

Your Song is like Summer Rain Award

We Share The World When We share Love Award

Awards from Trisha:



Trisha is the sweetest heart and always spread love around our blogging universe. Thank you, I accept because they are made by hand with love. xxx

Please visit Trisha at Trisha.

Thanks 4 The Add Award

The Five Star Blogger Award

The Best Blogger In Spring of 2010 Award

Your Blog Deserves A Fabulous Bling Award

All 4 awards on the bottom are from Jingle.

Trisha’s Awards 4

Jingle’s Awards 4


Awards 4 all of U

Who are on the list, or reading this post.

Please feel free to claim and enjoy.

Leave me a comment so that I know who YOU are.

Many Thanks.

Happy Tuesday!

😉 😉 😉

Sunday Special-Awards for Remarkable Memes and Participants

Lovely Blogger Award

I Love Mom Award

Creative Mind Award

Super Mom Award

Sunshine Wishes Award


Hello, How are you?

Happy Sunday!

I honor all those blogging friends

Five (5) awards from above, because they

do regular Memes in our blog-sphere

and wishing all of U a Very Merry Day Ahead!

All of you who read and comment under this post can take the awards,

Hope that U Consider participating these creative and handsome activities!

😉 😉 😉

Microfiction Monday Participants: Hosted at SUSAN’S Stony River

1. Bill
2. Peggy
3. Anthony North
4. Michael G-G
5. hope
6. Sylvia K
7. suz
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10. tilden
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14. juliana
15. gregj
16. Akelamalu
17. Janel
18. southlakesmom
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21. YES
22. Rajlakshmi
23. Random Twitter Stories
24. Quilly
25. Tara Miller Writes
26. Ray
27. the replicant
28. adreamygal
29. bryan
30. You’re next!

Magpie Tale Participants: Hosted by Willow at  magpie tale

1. She Writes
2. A New Day
3. Catalyst
4. David
5. Shigune Matsui
6. Berowne
7. Jane Jones
8. Aoife. Troxel
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10. mother sparrow
11. Joanny the dowser’s daughter
12. Crusty Crone
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26. Peg
27. Elise Everyday Goddess
28. Susan Sonnen
29. Christine
30. The Bug
31. Kathryn Byer
32. Yemalla
33. Crystal Mary
34. Melinda Owens
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38. Lyn
39. brian miller
40. Nathalie (spacedlaw)
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50. Sharon Ingraham
51. You’re next!

Weekend Funnies hosted by Shakira at Shakira with the following participants:

Allison Bing Jenn@ You know…That Blog? William Hootin’ Anni’ Gattina

Realliveman Bud Weiser Jingle Gratitude Kathy Shakira

Thursday Poets Rally hosted by Jingle at Jingle


Sunday Special-In Honoring Three Poets And More

Greetings,  Jingle is excited to honor THREE special

blogging friends or poets who are BOTH followers of Jingle

and MEMBERS of Thursday Poets Rally in the past 15 week.

Leadership Award

The Most Talented Poet Award

Happy At Work Award

William, The Three Awards R 4 U,

Jingle is thrilled that William finally find a

job and thus plan to honor his long time

leadership, friendship and love with Jingle.

Please visit William at william to say hello ;).

Leadership Award

The Most Talented Poet Award

Happy At Work Award

Jamie, The Three Awards above R 4 U.

Jamie writes elegant poems and she has been working

since this Monday, she is missed by Jingle and other

fellow poets or blogging friends, because she could not post

that often, but she does find time coming over to comment

and encourage Jingle and support Thursday Poets Rally.

Please visit Jamie at Jaymie today to say hello. 😉

Leadership Award

The Most Talented Poet Award

Published Poet Award

Brian Miller, Hope that YOU Enjoy The Three Awards Above.

This Morning, Jingle is excited to know from Brian’s Sunday 160 post

today that he has a poem acceptance letter in stock and he will be a published

poet who has been Thursday Poets Rally member ever since week 1. Jingle is

very proud of his accomplishment and wish to encourage our fellow poets to

submit your poems, keep reading and writing poetry, and keep coming

back to attend our successful Thursday Poets Rally. Brian Miller shall be

your role model, he is the one you all shall learn EVERYTHING from,

both on creative writing and on family life, blogging integrity, and leadership

role around the globe… Please visit Brian at Brian today to congratulate him

and read his poem which is to be published in May 😉 .


Now, The Following are for ALL of U, including William, Jamie, and Brian,  Jingle will NOT pick

particular followers to award this time. Enjoy, my friend.

No matter where you are, if you read this post, please feel free to take

the following friendship tags or awards and enjoy, or share with your friends.

April Love, April Shower Award

Your Blog Rocks Award

You Are A Gem Award

Merry Wishes Award

Blessing YOU Award

Happy Sunday,

😉 😉 😉