How Can You Protect Yourself Without Being Judgmental?

Judgment is accompanied by a negative emotional reaction. You don’t like what you see, you resist what you experience. Your expectations are unsatisfied. You lose fun and thus lose energy.

Discerning is seeing a person or a circumstance as it is. You observe the quality of other individuals without painful emotional reactions to your observations. In this case, you act as a rational observer and your energy maintains.

Judging is seeing yourself as superior to another person. Discerning is seeing others clearly. Judgment has an emotional charge to it, it makes one person a victim and another a villain, you have compulsive reactions while judging. Discernment allows you to observe, think, act with care.

There may be art in how to handle cases in reality.

For example: You dislike the way your friend talks to you. If you say: “You are rude, I don’t like your attitude.”, then you are judging and your friend’s feeling is hurt despite the fact that you are wounded as well. A better way to react is to say: “Oh, my, are you okay, dear?”, then your friend will be okay or feel guilty, the positive relation remains.

Good Luck to You regarding friendships, partnerships, and blogging comments exchanges.