Monday Poetry Potluck Week 33 Welcomes You! /Sunday Prompts

Life in prairie could be fun,

especially when you ride a horse and run;

Wind blows a lovely song,

Adventures keep you live and young.


The journey ahead could be as rough as a tree,

Through the mist one is unable to see,

Doubts and hesitations may knock your brain,

Fears and failures may cause you pain.


Yet, Life will make your learn,

Sometimes you lose and sometimes you win;

You are born to live,

As hope lingers and tickles your belief.

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C., The Darkest Divide – May 6

Michael Yost, boogulu – May 8
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Wondrinsoul, A Life LMeiro, Meiro – May 29

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My entry to the following meme, Happy Birthday Greetings to May Babies in our community! Thanks for the support, Happy May 1st!

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It Is Unsafe When Kids Are Unattended (Sunday Prompts)

Between the dark and the daylight

When the night is beginning to lower

comes a pause in the day’s occupations

that is known as the Children’s Hour

Dad is out of town,

Mom is talking on the phone,

Anna and Amanda playing horse back ride in the living room

When they suddenly hear a “boom”.

There is a bark outside the door,

While Anna pick up her book from the floor,

“Who can that be?”

Anna and Amanda hold hands to flee.

The day is dark outside,

Shivers make the girls’ heart beat like a drum,

It is unsafe when kids are unattended,

Glad to see them going upstairs to be with their Mom.

image credit: Monday’s Child


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It’s Snowing In A Post (4 Potluck Week 18)

Languages, signs, and symbols float everywhere,

They haunt me, refusing to disappear.

It’s snowing in a post,

I spy a white furry ghost.

Words written are foreign,

How to get them translated, it’s forgotten.

I make a click on my mouse,

I see a rocket dropping on my house.

I make another click, carrying fear,

I see a shark flying, coming near.

I hold my breath, shutting the computer down,

A bear pops out of the screen, big and brown.

I try my best to scream,

I find myself shivering in bed, it’s just a dream.

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Week 18 Theme:language, signs, and symbols..

Pink Grace With Faith…

Pink Saturday!

Lots of Laughter (Flip)

Haiku Heights (Faith)


I love both faith and grace,

They take me many a place

And make my day a true bliss.

^ – ^

In a dancing way,

They fill me with pride

and keep me stay inside.

^ -^

I enjoy spending time home

reading many an online poem,

Faith is the catalyst of grace.

^ -^

I’s content not to be loud,

Gracing indoors makes me feel proud,

Pink grace with faith, no flip flop, no doubt!

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Moods Are Like Dark Woods (4 Potluck Week 10)

Poetry Potluck Week 10 Theme: Moods, Feelings, and Emotions



are like dark woods,

They fancy you

and frighten you.

Your feelings get hurt

when something unpleasant is said.


are like vast oceans,

You survive

only if you know how to surf and dive.

Moods, feelings, and emotions

are born from tensions.

Take charge of your mental drive,

Smile, feel happy, give me a high five!


Hello, everyone, it has been another FANTASTIC poetry week at our potluck, great big thanks to Amanda and Kavita for the inspirations of the theme. I have enjoyed reading your entries and feel amazed about the TALENTS there you share with us.

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T-storms Butterfly The Nature (4 Monday Poetry Potluck & Z-A Word Challenge)

T-storms butterfly the nature,

make rainbows in the sky,

Evoking magic in many a creature,

and imagination flickers like a butterfly.

Trees stand elegantly, smiling,

Geese stare at the sun, thinking

they are cleaner.

Cars make splashes, saying,

Look, the grass is greener.

Moon with romantic eyes, recalling

the past of the world, the dancing

feet, the disc music, evening

secrets, the whispers in woods, breathe taking!

T-storms butterfly the nature,

Nature is invincible,

Hope is unkillable!

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Word Challenge in W Plus Magic

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W Is 4 Wishes

Turn W upside down, You get M, which stands 4 Magic

I wish a dream joyful and true,

I wish a day sunny and anew.

I wish a poem being deliciously done,

I wish a relation healthy and fun.

I wish a car comfortable and cool,

I wish a home loving and due.

To wish is meant to cherish,

Not to diminish.

To wish an error forgiven,

To wish a deed undone,

Take caution,

Make a wise decision,

4 the universe is ONE.

Magic is divine,

But only love, forgiveness, and imagination lead to it, sign!


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Visulize How The Sunset Ray…

As the long winter comes to an end,

Fresh air starts to stir with lovely scent.

A novel genre discloses,

While the graces collect roses.

Marvel at the magic of the becalmed seas,

And watch how their growing waves appease.

Watch the swan swim, and the crane

Enjoys the weather again.

Visualize how the sunset ray

Decorate the tiring bay…

Dance each day with new births,

Ignore rootless assumptions or guesses.


It is Fall in Western countries such as the U. S., but it is Spring time in Australia, Thus this piece fits the season somewhere else while it does not suits the season of America…People are different, traditions are diverse, there are more than one way to say YES or No, there is more than one seasons at the same time in the planet earth,…Thus, I want to send a message: disagreement is normal, respecting the seasons of others Essential!

Everyone loves peace, stop the war focusing on gender differences, racial differences, and build a global community with love, peace, and harmony…

Thanks for reading! love you all!

Sunday Scribbling (Essential)

I Am Lucky 2 Live In The Best Possible Neighborhood!

This post is an entry for neighbors,

A meme hosted at Terra Del Sol for Mia Monday

Do you have any beautiful experiences about your neighbors to share?

If your answer is Yes, then go see Kimberly...

I find myself enjoying writing these to share…

Happy Mia Monday!


I am lucky to live in the best possible neighborhood,

Where one can always count on good mood.

On special occasions,

We will pay each other special attentions.

July 4th Parade,

Halloween trick and treat,

Everything is preprepared,

Everything makes one feel great!

Trust and friendships are maintained,

While respect and indivudual space are obtained.

We stay on our own homes almost all the time,

We alert one another if there exists a crime.

Each household has one’s lawn cut in timmely manner,

Chritsmas lights make the surroundings look even better.

The side walks are sparkly clean,

The grass looks charmingly green.

Kids are all well behaved,

Drive ways are perfectly paved.

I feel peaceful, and cheerful to live in where I am,

Welcome to my neightborhood, thanks to Uncle Sam.

__Jingle on June 21, 2010___

Neighborhood Image

She Was Afraid of Men

She was afraid of men,

She refused to think

About the rumors and sin

of the night.

When she saw a rooster flirt with a hen,

Her heart starts to sink

While unstoppable pain

dominates her brain, not alright.

She is chased by a clown

in her home town,

She gave him a frown

and left him to be alone.

The clown wrote a love song

and tried to come along,

But she placed a chain across her locked door

and had herself fainted on the floor.

A guy who is shy

determines to give his try.

They do distanced walk,

They do telephone talk,

She insists she needs no men’s approaches,

He believes he desires no woman’s touches.

They become best friends

Living together


This story ends.


Hello, how are U?

I grew up being taught by family members that

a woman shall have self-respect and never

beg a man for love….

Maybe it is true, maybe not, people are all

different and have various values.

I write this poem with the woman and the man

exhausted in their own perspectives simply for fun!

hope that you enjoy a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

😉 😉 😉

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