happy 9th birthday

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on the day when we decide to jingle
we write a friendly note called “poetry rally”
we say, if you love poems, you write one,
if you love reading, you comment on one,
if you love getting published, you collect many,
when you blog and comment for poets rally,
you are participating a good group project
and poetry awards can be jolly
poetry books can be short verse or long and holly
we count our poetic days to 9X365= (10-1) X365=3650 -365=3285
five, seven, heaven
three, two eight, great,
we have 3285 days of journey
we write at least 3285 millions of poems
we have high five at facebook, 5000 oor more followers
we have twitter account,
which enables more than 1000 followers in reality
come on,
post a free blog, and join a free poets rally
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a feature, story by optimism soul

Her eensy-weensy fingers folded the paper into a triangle, but she adverted it as a kite.
Yes, imperfections are endearing especially when it’s is done by tikes.
Boooom….” a sound blared.

Squinting her eyes, she sat down abruptly by closing her ears.

Hahaha.. it’s just a cracker” , I japed taking her into my arms.

I miss my family ..Tears sloughing, she whispered Looking into my eyes.

My smile scrammed.

I miss my mom, my dad, my little brother.. she continued.
My heart dethroned seeing her in tears..
I kissed her cheeks and embraced her.
You are happy with your family but I never was ! I wanna go back to my mom .. Please.. she hollered.

Pointing to the perpetual sky, “There they are..” I averred.

“Don’t worry, I’m safe now” she scrabbled on the kite and let the yarn free to reach her family !

Land, Rivers .. even the oceans carved up .. I thanked God for the unassailable sky !

#Genocide an explainable pain !

short story slam week 103

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incredible human
they learn about stuff
a case study is good
which makes things well rounded
when we think of Illinois
we trust Mimi and Alissa
we do have fun reading
reading Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson
Crow (Faber Poetry)  poems by Ted Hughes
  a poetry book by Goxhan Yuzsitmeek
Ava's Poppy  princess ava by Marcus Pfisher is cute
Where Do They Go When It Rains?: Children's book, Bedtime Story, kids book collection, Education, Early/Beginning Readers, Funny Humor ebook, Rhyming Book, Picture book  Helen Wu and Ina Davis also write good books for children

short story slam week 99, poetry and story inn fridays week 29,


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THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Nature Knows Its Math” by Joan Graham: divide, subtract, multiply, add, snow, green, breeze, beneath, sky, orange, poppies, then


Roosters crow hard

trying to stand out and sense the proud wings

Joan Graham divides and subtracts,

doing some complex analysis to Snow covered Utah Mountains

no breeze to feel

no oranges beneath to peel

we drive, reaching Murphy America for a big whopper burger

Pops bubble

multiplying our mood beyond white cloud

adding some energy to skyline of New york city

the sound of those chicks grow faint

we eventually feel good about Rachel, Albert, Daveport, Stevenhan, and Kathleen

Pamela and Dana murphy buy a dozen water bottles

David smith and samantha murphy move to Bentonville for upgrade of Trump-Pence cartoons

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Image result for ramjee and jiahong wu  donald trump verse is good for a new era of poetry and presidency

short story slam week 96


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Tiny frogs sing in the watery drain
Swollen by recent heavy rain
And the song of the blackbird I hear
Familiar, melodious and clear.


Late Winter a nice time of year
One knows that the Spring it is near
The birds know it is time to greet
And the call of Nature they do hear


Mild sunshine with a gentle breeze
And magpies piping on the gum trees
And the magpie larks calling go pokes,
In the sunlit park by the sea we drink a coke






the trip continues, please fulfill your summer with upgraded programing

will roger airport  —-> San Francisco airport —->Hong Kong airport

Guangzhou train station —-> Changsha Train station —> Beijing Train Station

the trip continues

tomorrow I am flying east coast’

landing on Fu zhou city,

what do you think?

&&&&&  &&&&&  *****  *****

poems are made of history

Sima yi, Mao mao chong, deng xiaoping, liu shaoqi, wei wei,

amin mao, zedong mao, kaihui yang, zhu ronggji, ma ji,

lu gun, Jia ping, hu jinhtao, he long, li siguang, peng chunking,

xi jingping, jiang zeming, qi baishi, gao yuangui, dou yi,

bruno wu, yang lan, dong yi, yu bingyu, qian xuesen,

I am working on Quotes

quotes from Guo Liang, quotes of Cheng Fangwu,

who is Zhang Jie?

who is Song Ning?    ask Qi Qi