humor week 76, poetry form week 68, SherriGroomz in April

a poetry form means humor and joyful mind

a sample

down on earth

cotton woods and bean stalks grow side by side

the field is far and brown

some frogs jump near

an airplane flies by, leaving a white tail

dreams hang high

international nutrition month in april in the year of 2021, 8th anniversary, PS: hyde park poetry week 104

Glittering-bellied Emerald Stock Photo

Five of South America's Rarest Hummingbirds & Where to See Them

humming bird,

Florida Wedding Doves | Wedding Dove Releases | Doves Wedding Theme | Dove  Release for Weddings | Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Kissimmee, Lakeland,  Zephyrhills

a white dove, which is peaceful and cute

The Entire IPCC Report in 19 Illustrated Haiku - Sightline Institute

days swing without a trace

a high wire and a strong will

thoughts are printed in people’s figure tips

jay hill, megan turner, chris wang,

maria semple, bill gates, helen wu,

they fold and unfold their arms

they speak of a language of art in well defined sentences

poems shine

faces lighten up

a season comes

a satisfaction fulfills

Food as medicine: Blue Cross nutrition benefit program helps seniors  improve their health - Blue Cross Blue Shield MN
Foods That Help Improve Ciruclation

short story slam week 174, Alphabets, A to Z, t is for teachers, tests, and toolboxes

Image result for elementary school students and abc song
Image result for toolboxes and bob the builders
toolbox cake,
Image result for toolboxes and bob the builders

where do i go when it is time to celebrate?

where do I sit when the table is full?

what do I eat if you buy nothing but choose to cheat?

how can I manage if you were a sneaky fox?


a new year has come

the force is near

we try to reach high to the sky

we try to live without human limits…..

Image result for dreams , sweet dreams

Image result for dreams , sweet dreams
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one of our favorite “Chicken Club Panini”

Image result for lean cuisine meals


Image result for lean cuisine meals

poets rally on thursdays in view, we do know the excellent spirit, and we do celebrate a birthday on january 14, 2021

it seems like yesterday

the desire to write

the dream of becoming an influence

the encouragement of others

the published thoughts in florence

the shining star in night sky

the spring flowers in our front steps

poems bloom

we laugh

childish and innocent

there is nothing better than a

dream comes true

Social Complexity Gives Parrots Big Brains | Animal Cognition
African Poetry: Free Verse Poems Inspired by Africa: Houessou, Agnes:  9781523659876: Books
Free Verse Poem - Olivia VanAlst - Wattpad

short story slam week 159, college years

About_Banner - Bellin College
In the wake of a shooting, Seattle Pacific University turns to God, faith -  Statesboro Herald

Welcome Week 2015 at Illinois State University - YouTube

young students from Illinois state university,

Three professors named Outstanding University Teachers - News - Illinois  State ,they give awards and encouragement

Bruce Hale's Magical Experience with Christopher Johnson Cover Image

mary fallin,, which is a good poetry book for all

writing has become a routine

blogging remains fresh to some

ameliawood and ina davis,

they do make cases in progressing poetry

charles simic,

constance vincent,

what a way to impress,

eric hill, cliford, dr. seuss, jim laney, william underwood,

countless music and songs fly through

writing shall be our good passion.

humor week 51, poetry potluck week 64

Dental Humor,  lottie evelyn williams,


“City of Potholes” by Kelly Roper

Zig-zagging down the road

Trying not to stray over the center line

Or hit a curb

Or break an axle

Or flatten a tire

Or wind up in the next surprise sinkhole.

Driving in Toledo is not a sport

For the timid or the sane or the under-insured., tom yarbrough, a good write on worldwide views



poetry and story inn fridays week 71, may 14 —june 3, 2020….education, academic excellence, andsummer arts camps



Happy Birthday First Lady Melania Trump! FOX NEWS Happy Birthday ...

Tremendous honour': Donald Trump, Melania pay tribute to Mahatma ...

summer art camp, julie cohen, emily claudia, kelsey Rieger, rachel webber,

they set a stage

they orchestra some profound music notes to human ears


Oklahoma academic excellence finalists through linda neal, david boren, eric trump,

they celebrate achievement

they dine at Crowzne Hotel of Tulsa and give talks at Embassy Suites Inn of Norman,


Molly shi and david boren join George Jenet, Howard Baker, sol Linowitz, Robert Gates,

100 high school students grin with confidence

Leland Melvin, Laiba ,Frank Robson, Scott Thompson, Sara Wilson, David Bass, Shelley Self,


etc. infinitely many energy

infinitely many key notes

poetry does find a way to listen and give thoughts

which makes education excellence better perpsective

MM April 2017 by Moore Monthly - issuu

how many students will obtain college admition this may of 2020?

University of Oklahoma | LinkedIn

good luck to those high school seniors,

Financial Aid - Oklahoma City University

a school opens to many brave students

Jim Gallogly, Kyle Harper, and David Jackson, are they okay with 2019–2020 academic year?

Ala. teacher on paid leave after pleading guilty to spying on ...