13 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award

    1. Hello, Doraz:

      My blog is FUN only because readers such as you take it in FINE ways, this blog is about everything, everyone, but only if the reader enjoys it or approves it, then the blog shines…

      I am thrilled about your smiling comments,
      you are the best, 😉

    1. Hi,

      Check “Math Above my blog”to see if you have any inspirations, there is a link featuring many fun and creative math learning tools, games,…
      students can write poems about numbers,
      formulas, and equations….

      Thank you for the kind comment,
      Good luck.

  1. Dear Jingle,

    You create happiness
    wherever you go,
    your belief in joy
    adds to the flow
    of all we try to do,
    to spread the
    message of UNITY,
    and this all comes
    direct from YOU.

    Recognition helps
    all loving friends,
    poets writers,
    creators who set
    positive & vibrant trends,
    but YOU reached out
    from the beginning
    to encourage everyone.
    It is YOU are blessed,
    for the awards you give,
    that then pass on,
    to be shared by others
    and spread wider still,
    along the valleys of
    our hearts and minds,
    filling our souls
    with deepest thrill.

    Thank you dear Jingle,
    may you always be blessed,
    dear Lady of the Lamp
    whose love stands any test.

    With love and thanks, for you do have done and still do, to bring new poets and writers into happy and rewarding UNITY while recognizing the efforts of
    established poets and writers.

    Viva Jingle! Viva!

    … JOHN

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