Thursday Poets Rally, a good landmark, january 14, 2010 —january 14, 2020…



Image result for Thursday poets Rally  poet Brendan Flaherty speaks a good experience

Image result for Thursday poets Rally  one of our poetry award for early participants

Image result for Thursday poets Rally  poet Aija Mayrock speaks of her poem writing adventure

  happy 10th birthday to Thursday Poets,

Image result for annapolis montuwa  we do absolutely read this poetry



a poem is a power

it fuels high

the version stretches

the world sings


a blog is a road

it shows and tells

elizabeth, melissa, shelly, sue, and jodie,

they seem okay with colored words

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a project at sichuan province

Annie and the Outlaw  lovely annie, she writes

Down in the Dirt v113  (12/12)  sarah spencer, she writes



Merry Christmas, which falls on December 25,2019 this year, I do hope to have fun blogging, posting free verse

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what do you see when you click on a link?

a post, a poem, or a passion of waves?

what do you do during Christmas eve?

shopping, reading, or studying?

education is very important,

so does your mental spirit,

one shall always choose academic excellence, independence, and knowledge,

once a good education is done,

we sit, working for pleasant lists:

cooking,  writing, art, knitting, fitness, and poetry,

because when we pick POETIC melody as our daily objective,

we are busy

and we have ourselves well rounded with research, hope, and joy.

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Image result for free verse

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humor week 25, short story slam week 127,poetry and story inn fridays week 56 : 夸父追日,精卫填海, 盘古开天地,嫦娥奔月,吴刚伐桂

we do cherish stories

ancient ones

modern ones

long novels

short verses

we see lots of beautiful wisdom popping

which makes life better meaning—

if humor is in our poetic ingredients

the book and the readers could hang on the ceiling

regardless rain or shine

a poem is our forever friend to carry along

Image result for 吴刚伐桂桂树 wu gang cut the tree story

Image result for 嫦娥奔月  chang e bei yue

Image result for  夸父追日  kua fu zui ri

Image result for 英雄关羽

英雄关羽  hero guanyu, Ying xiong guan yu


Image result for Pangu Kaitian  shen wu ideals

Image result for Pangu Kaitian  pan gu kai tian di

Image result for Pangu Kaitian shi sheng characters

Image result for Pangu Kaitian  fhua kmu lan chong jun

short story slam week 124, humor week 22

iris chang   iris chang, a previous featured speaker at osu


teresa deng   teresa teng, a notable singer from hong kong

yan lang at wustl  lan yang, a faculty at university of miami

jili jiang  jili jiang, she is someone who writes about Chinese stories

mary joseph samrufz Jodie Henson Bovaird, she writes a good poem book

story, story, story,

poems, poems, poems,

music, lyrics, mtv,

we listen.

we feel the beat,

we do grow admiration to the artists,

because art, music, truth, dreams, and rhyming melody help


short story slam week 123

poetry form of 2018  (III): FATTN (Whersinz)

—Five and Twenty Two NZ
—5 lines and 22 words

a sample FATTN (WHERSINZ) poetry form is shown below
accorind to Lori Webster (II)

pause! look left!
see pat quinn mop wildcats,
See george bush turnpikes west teaxs
see tom wolfe preach Pittsburg,
Laugh! Write FATTN!

PS; we could write many of these poems as FATTN (WHERSINZ),

here is a try


why shall i quit my life ideals?

there’s no reason to hesitate

things revolve like a blink of an eye




short story slam week 122,poetry and story inn fridays week 50

Image result for indianapolis airport

indianpolis international airport

alabama state university

index shiliu flower

epcot disney at florida


Asian schools?

American Singers?

Walt Disney and Alabama state university music program,

Rebecca Wells, who cares?

a story is told by an obsever

a poem is rooted by a writer,

Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Rudyard Kipling, Charles Simic,

who rhyme better?

I do choose Rob Long, Ted Hills, and Gary Soto sometimes,

the ball is rolling

the stage is set

poet Vijay Seshadri, Iris Chang, Mary Clancy, Samba Xia, and Yiling Erin zuo can do well too