Sunday Prompts, words, words, and thoughts on salts

drops of rain
the weight in between
lots of naked sin

sound of spring
melting those wheat plants
the massage to water frozen

grimy shack smoking,
fingernails to poor friends
tongue war flaring

sips of Aspen
brewing energy where she has been
the pencil is sharpened

window is open
doors shut tight overalls
distracted venom, wiggly hen

short story slam week 33, Nov. 12 to December 6, 2015

Carpe Diem Extra #41 respect

3WW Week No. 453


Whirligig 33 

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short story slam week 32: the pink Mondays

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

it is like walking into a casino,
there are tables of dices,
colorful wheels,
and i pick pink Monday

a color between red and peach,
a choice of bright, pure, and focused,
pink is love in orange ink,
pink is passion in feverish wink

today, I place a card in this thinking box,
I wish to collect treasure of notable things,
so that when frost paves our drive way,
i can use mountain tires to polish my day

october write day 20, my try to love poetry at panama, south america plus a short story which is unfit to bluebell

OctPoWriMo 2015

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!
our past, sweet love,
our present, embracing love,
tenderness, happiness, that’s love to you,
hope that your love last

a happy communication infused with silent joy,
intimacy counts, for caring
heart…occupied by your big love
that passion shall sail like a white dove

warmth of unexpected attention,
passions… inflamed … under your pillowcase,
igniting fire by your eyes
the converging point …feverishly burning love


strength… the bond of a relation
love vespers … cute soft figure tips
remote glance…love of intelligence
unspoken payments…love of responsibility


ghostly, our parents, or grandparents speak
of absolute peace, grace, wit, and space,
the world is small
when your love conquers multiple layers of peppers

the dark swirl

she falls asleep without desires from her man, and awakes with a startling feel, seeing a dark swirl pulling from her chest, a big horror of unknown force converges within, she closes her eyes, opens her eyes, and finds her strength to open the room light, so that dark spirits can escape her…
daylight is our friend, and when night comes home, we must have electricity and have powerful will to stay in bright space so that evil thoughts evaporate, and that’s how we learn about positive energy and avoiding walking in woods after dusk.

the sketching time fun

iris, maggie, morgan, and verite,
they roll pieces of paper,
sketching oval face from Connecticut,
believing that mary skoog is classy,
and abbey wood is pretty,
bradford farm courtyard,
kim, baylee, and laynie sit,
weaving dreams of penelope,
their figures wear long nails,
their hair curl in waves,
and September heat gives in
a fresh picture of saint mary settles

some say samba is prideful,
some say matilda is quite beautiful,
I say matthew is brave,
and Lawrence is the diving dolphin
at arctic rainbow tape

0054 bill haslam for tian na xi


2013 Northwestern Graduation Ceremonies
2013 Northwestern Graduation Ceremonies

peony, a flower for October birthday people

Image result for peony

Image result for peony

Jiang Dawei (蒋大为) (born 1947 in Tianjin) is a Chinese folk singer

牡丹之歌 (Mu Dan Zhi Ge) or song of peony

啊 牡丹
啊 牡丹
啊 牡丹
啊 牡丹 啊 牡丹