seeking peace in restless world :referring to international world peace in may year 8,poetry picnic week 49
donald trump jr., ivanka trump, eric trump, donald trump , they support world peace

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ivanka trump and jared kushner, they are leading figures who support usa boarders

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melania trump and barron trump, they promote poetry

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the leadership academy for women…

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university of tulsa 2019 graduation ceremony, may 4, 2019

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Jinks Public Schools

The sun breaks through, she finds her way,
The clouds begin to clear.
And every day that passes now,
Each one we hold so dear.

She’ll leave us soon to spread her wings,
A dream or two to find.
We know her life’s forever bound
To these roots she leaves behind.

We hope she knows how proud we are,
How deep our love resides.
How much we’ve learned along the way,
Seeing through our child’s eyes.

The paper, paint, and crayons
Through graduation years,
Will always be our most precious ones,
Despite the thousand fears.
a quote from Margaret Alliet

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short story slam week 112, blogging from a to z, Z is for Zestful Mood, Ew In Na Po Wri Mo of 2019 in April, poetry or free verse, pasifdays week 43,

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Image result for april flowers

Z is for Zestful Mood,

International Poetry Month in April,  Ew Na Po WRi Mo In AP of 2019

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A is for April Showers

P is for  Pretty Flowers

R is for  Ruby Necklace

I is for Iris Chang Humor

L is for Lori Webster poetic quotation


which is where we seek green hills and rolling stones

we enjoy a A to Z,

so, Z is for Zestful Mood in the end,

fill in empty space with B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, M, N, O, Q, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, ..

side to side dance


Thursday Poets Rally Week 90, Nutrition, Expansion of Poetics, and”Tang” poem

the season is fair

musical notes fills New York time square

english poetry has been well spread

poets have increased confidence, I dare

while we wonder about and write a lot

we feel the urge to give our free flow a hault

which means some pondering, some researches

which is why I choose to sit, read, and maybe travel

“Tang” poets come near in spirit

we hear a child cry the fame of Sikong Shu (司空曙, 720–790)

we hear an adult reciting a poem by Du Xunhe (杜荀鹤)

i giggle a little

assuming some true and ancient poems in Chicago Sun Times


Spring Break and On my way to Miami

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Miami beach

Image result for La Croix hotel  a fancy hotel from Homolulu city


Image result for  a meal at Zippy’s


that eric and that aaron

they keep a watchful eye

making a trip tense…

why do they think of a good company far?

they wish to be included in some fresh food dining

too bad that Pizza Hut,  Ihop, ABC store, and Canes got quiet some people in them

and mark, anderson, barron, fredrick, alex, lois, robin, anne, amelia

I have fun observing some

knowing great folks from Shenzhen, Tulane, and Xingjiang

snow days in February

Image result for snowing in las vegas  it is snowing in Las Vegas

Image result for snowing in las vegas

Image result for snowing in las vegas  sherry aden

Image result for tangyuan and yuanxiao gala   New Year Cake

Image result for tangyuan and yuanxiao gala

the spring festival ends today

we have eaten lots of dishes,

new year’s cake is there, inviting,

yuanxiao tangyuan for today’s breakfast, done,

a mood is set

the table is large

we smile a little,

giving good wishes for next spring festival

happy new year to all (Feb 5 —feb 19, 2019)

the year of pigs

Image result for tangyuan and yuanxiao gala

li sisi, zhou xun, dong qing, li yong, jiang kun, and ren luyu…

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Image result for tangyuan and yuanxiao gala did you eat tangyuan today?


happy 9th birthday

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on the day when we decide to jingle
we write a friendly note called “poetry rally”
we say, if you love poems, you write one,
if you love reading, you comment on one,
if you love getting published, you collect many,
when you blog and comment for poets rally,
you are participating a good group project
and poetry awards can be jolly
poetry books can be short verse or long and holly
we count our poetic days to 9X365= (10-1) X365=3650 -365=3285
five, seven, heaven
three, two eight, great,
we have 3285 days of journey
we write at least 3285 millions of poems
we have high five at facebook, 5000 oor more followers
we have twitter account,
which enables more than 1000 followers in reality
come on,
post a free blog, and join a free poets rally
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a feature, story by optimism soul

Her eensy-weensy fingers folded the paper into a triangle, but she adverted it as a kite.
Yes, imperfections are endearing especially when it’s is done by tikes.
Boooom….” a sound blared.

Squinting her eyes, she sat down abruptly by closing her ears.

Hahaha.. it’s just a cracker” , I japed taking her into my arms.

I miss my family ..Tears sloughing, she whispered Looking into my eyes.

My smile scrammed.

I miss my mom, my dad, my little brother.. she continued.
My heart dethroned seeing her in tears..
I kissed her cheeks and embraced her.
You are happy with your family but I never was ! I wanna go back to my mom .. Please.. she hollered.

Pointing to the perpetual sky, “There they are..” I averred.

“Don’t worry, I’m safe now” she scrabbled on the kite and let the yarn free to reach her family !

Land, Rivers .. even the oceans carved up .. I thanked God for the unassailable sky !

#Genocide an explainable pain !