short story slam week 210, future, farms, and free verse

a story is short,

a story is questioning others,

believe it or not,

a story trigs logical conclusions


a film is fair, free,

a film is full of soap plots,

once a movie screen is done,

it is time to climb “free verse” mountains


do you have plans for your future,

do you have fairyland castles behind a farm?

a free verse is composed,

the story teller feels fair and fine,

short story slam week 204, Halloween spirits 美国鬼节

a walking spirit could not be seen sometimes,

a speed of light could not be measured by human tools,

a poem is light

a poem is sweet without juicy water


Halloween is a way to make people wonder,

how do you do?

do you cherish a beloved one in your life?

do buy candies, and share with your nerghbors…

short sTORY SLAM WEEK 189, WHAT DID WE DO AND then what shall we do next?

this is what I read 13 years ago, back in 2008

Sail Away In A Paper Leaf

this is what i write as a learning experience back in 2017

Amarillo Included on the List of the Fastest Growing U.S. Cities

this is what i used to visit as a vacation stop back in 2013,

Russellville City Mall - Home | Facebook

this is where i stop at to eat my lunch when i drive to Alina city, Kansas state

Sequoyah High student, 18, killed in collision with school bus | |

how about you find a hotel at Sequoyah city, make a visit to its high school gym?

did you read this? I did read this book three years ago, in 2018..

480,145 White Coffee Cup Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock

i do drink a cup of hot coffee when the winter hits,

James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl

i always feel good about a children’s story by james the giant peach,

poets rally week 112, thanksgiving and winter break

school is busy

days run out of control

in no time,

young students drive home,

they pack,

they fly,

they sit nearby

they eat foreign food,

life is a roller coaster

the party is short,

the will will be always strong and sweet


a thanksgiving holiday means silence,

prayers, reconsideration, hope,

a holiday is coming to see us,

we are forced to laugh, and walk…

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a young woman could look cute,

Vifon Phở Bò Vietnamese Style Instant Rice Noodles Beef Flavor 70g |  Sainsbury's

one of our favorite pho noodle cup

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mantou ….one of our main food