university of kansas high school orchestra camp

be aware,

lots of musicians enjoy choir

band, jazz also encho love

passionate things come in

with lovely dove

look, write, recommend, send

apply, and attend,

young singers rise among lawrence enterprise


High School Music Camp

(Band, Choir & Orchestra)

June 19 – 24, 2016

Open to students entering 9th – graduating 12th grades


Choir Camp

Music Camp Choir StudentsThe High School Choir Camp provides an opportunity for high school students, interested in learning more about the choral arts, to engage in in-depth study with choral experts.

The summer curriculum will include choral ensemble rehearsals, classes in diction, voice lessons, individual and group conducting lessons, and All-State music preparation. The Choir Camp provides an exciting environment for the study of choral music and other related subjects.


High School Choir Camp Director and Conductor:
Dr. Paul Tucker, KU Director of Choral Activities
Please note faculty may be subject to change

Orchestra Camp

Music Camp Orchestra The High School Orchestra Camp will feature outstanding KU faculty and guest artists from the pinnacle of the string and orchestral profession, teaching the skills and knowledge necessary for high school string students of various levels to improve their playing and perform at a high level in rehearsals in concerts. Through masterclasses, sectionals, chamber music, and full rehearsals, students’ ears will be opened to a higher standard of musicianship, and they will learn the techniques and gain the confidence to attain that new standard.


High School Orchestra Camp Director and Conductor:
Jacob Dakon, KU String Education Professor, Assistant Professor of Music Education & Music Therapy
Please note faculty may be subject to change


Band Camp

Music Camp Band The camp will emphasize instruction on individual musical skills through warm-up techniques, masterclasses, solo/ensemble and all-state audition preparation techniques, large ensembles, music theory and listening skills. The program is designed for high school students of all levels of experience. Nationally acclaimed faculty/staff will not only coach students and give master classes, but will also perform alongside students in the large ensembles, providing them with a unique and valuable experience that they will carry with them for years to come.


High School Band Camp Director:
Dr. Paul W. Popiel, KU Director of Bands

Band Conductors:

Dr. Paul Popiel

Ms. Sharon Toulouse, KU Assistant Director of Bands
Please note faculty may be subject to change

Murphy Hall, Room 460
1530 Naismith Drive
Lawrence, Kansas 66045-3103

2015 High School Music Band Camp Parent Handbook (pdf)

2015 High School Music Choir Camp Parent Handbook (pdf)
2015 High School Music Orchestra Camp Parent Handbook (pdf)

The Cimerian By Majorie Sparkman Jackson

her hooded eyes

stone-set in eerie poise,

spoke of mist and far clouds

and lost tribes that vanished

a eons before the Christ was born


puzzled by the young woman,

a small boy stared

as she rummaged for coin

at the check-out stand;

her icy glance left him dazed.


later that night, as moonlight

fell across his rumpled bed,

he shivered beneath blankets

and raced his feet to flee

her ancient face, in dream




Free Verse Definition, a remark on poets rally six year efforts (01/14/10—01/14/16)

What is a Free Verse Poem?

A Free Verse is poetry written with rhymed or unrhymed verse that has no set meter to it.

An example of a Free Verse poem

In Flight

Wake up to a bright sapphire morning
Cloudless skies
This can only mean one thing
It’s a go!

At the launch site
Teeth chit-chattering
And not just from the c-cold

What if a bird confuses my head for a perch?
Will my glasses be fogged up by the clouds?
If I fall out of the basket
And land in a field of cows

Up we go!
Far below
Idyllic fields of patchwork green
Glittering lakes – a treasure trove beneath the surface

I can’t believe I’m so high
Feeling like a queen
I stretch my arms out to the sides
Now I’m a bird
So high
I close my eyes and take flight
I feel the wind in my wings
Up with the clouds
My hair, now feathers, sweeps behind me
I am as elegant as a swan
Soaring higher than the Earth

I’m not a bird
I’m not as elegant as a swan
I’m about as elegant as a rhino on roller skates
I’m just a schoolgirl
On a balloon flight

And we just crash-landed
In a field
With cows.

PS: Happy poets rally anniversary, january 14, 2010 to january 14, 2016)

many thanks to those who support, supported, not famed, but dreamed of more fun!



El Beso By AngelinaGrimke


twilight-and you
Quiet-the stars;
Snare of the shine of your teeth,
Your provocative laughter;
The gloom of your hair,
Lure of you, eye and lip,
Yearning, yearning,
Languor, surrender,
You mouth
And madness, madness
Tremulous, breathless, flaming,
The space of a sigh,
Then awaking-remembrance,
Pain, regret-your sobbing;
and again quiet-the stars
Twilight-and you

Friday My Town Shoot Out, Mellow Yellow Monday

 girl kleida
Green, red, and yellow,
Colors line up to grow love,
a five star, rise above
teepee tree top
shiny stars blink
eyes open for buttercup
Fashion Mia
Jim Young, Sarah and Gordon Brown go chacha,
Beijing Wa Ha Ha jumps,
Washington D. C. Michelle Obama snows flaking Lady Gaga.
fashion mia

Black and white Wednesday, ABC Wednesday, and Short Story Slam Week 35

My Memory Art

Black & White Wednesday ~ Silent Night

Image result for silent night black and white

day in, day out
gears shifting from north to south
earth is always green
google it up
yahoo email rockets fire
black and white ashes stir
like wheels  like Kimchi of Korea,
the flavor is spicy year around
clean energy buoyancy Pickens business
West Virginia seagull soar
Kara yard sale appears on Facebook,
Moon falls on earth
Princess Jill Robinson,
a date leading to Rome of Italy,
Meet Prince Howard Burns

Image result for x-ray


awards from short stroy slam week 34, for participants and all who write stories

everyone is a writer
everyone has a story to tell
your typo could be my triggering tale
never mind what blocks you hold
never mind which street you live
put up a song and let your echo grow
it is Christmas season
it is time to say I do care enough to know
and I do feel good enough to glow
for those who follow me, please enjoy a celebration of short story slam series from our cool hosts at bluebell books twitter club, and those awards shall make you face hot and fingers itchy for posts
have fun,
thanks you a lot
lady unicorn

panda the exceptional treasury writer award

walrus the cool story teller award