mothers day poetry run

aaron jones

Tonya Jones, Tanya Raun, Meredith Blecha, Gayla Foster,

Kelsey Lee, Kristen Landis, Derby Brown, Laura Bush, Hilary Clinton,

happy mothers day


chink yoaun

Look,  Bristol Frankwood is a happy mother

Scan_Picture_2_0012 Yanji or Mary Woodrow

Yan Ji used to enjoy Beijing Wangfujing Street, Xidan food, and Qianmen clothing

mothers day yan simei and kong qiangjiao

Robin Pereni, Talia Rose, Brian Davis,  Heather Davis, and Steven Tucker are siblings under Mark Gunkel, and Ann Blair as a couple

jingle jury


Jingle yan poetry books can be checked out by anyone from,,, abebooks, barnes &,

we wish that many of you also check out books by Ina Davis, Andy Greenhouse,

Mark Twain, Harvey Varter, annapolis montuwa, florence yanorez,wilson gremer,

kelie elmore, eric barton, wilson hodge, sarah thorrick, angela zhu,Peter, Tom,

Jinks, Mary Clancy, Upham, Keith Edward, Mimi, Jane Garland, and Eric Wilson





poets rally yearly project, international nutrition month in april, 2018 <—-2013, natinal poetry month in april, blogging from a to z in april….




A is for Advanced comprehension of everything,

including poetry writing,

an old man gets upset,

because he trusts his own son and daughter

not others, but Steven Wood shall know,

it is about networking,

I do believe in others,

all poetry equavalent

but, one spiderweb can only do some,

not whole….i plow my field,

a patch at a day, if i ever touch down in your ground

that is because you have relatives in our telescope views,

we believe that a colllege graduate works somewhere,

not at their alumni campus

but at a new setting,

this is why, on behalf of all of us,

please support yourself, support what was asked for,

best wishes


A is for  Apple Cide you drink

A is for Alan Adolphson and his wife Janie Cordwood Adolphson

A is for Aaron Yaris and Asya Pence,

A is for Awesome Caitlin, Mark, Mary, Cory, Jamie, Hannah, Daniel, James, Mike, Ellen, Penny,

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poetry and story inn fridays week 15, ruby tuesdays

Image result for walkways shadows

Image result for red and twisted   red and twisted

Image result for red and twistedFish Leong.

Liang Jingri,.   Fish Leong

Cao Ge  Gary Chaw, (Cao Ge)



applauds and alouds

audiences grow red face

too hot to cool off

they have to run a wild shower as soon as they get home


story has thorns

thorton and meredith,

frank and san francisco

all seem mixed with salty wines


isabelle and ivan

mathhew and chris

anne and kate

dana and terry, they won’t assume failure

happy new year for 2018


wen ji qi wu    wen ji qi wu



 she snake.jpg



 yan jingli.jpg

panda xiongmao



according to Guo Qinxia, Wei Xiaomin, hu jingtao, wang wei, dong yi, yu junjian,

things could be interesting’

unless Eskimo Joe and George Bush come to Hampton Inn by Hilton at Guangzhou city,

orange pumpkin pies,

original PHO

authentic Hot Milk and

well make LUYU fish pot

warm weather, better attitude

this is called ” Hua Nan ” Style

when I cross “Zhen Ru road / / Min Nan road” inside Jinan University,

I trust Melania Trump, Barron Trump, Eric Trump, Tiffany Trump, and Mary Fredrick

Donald Trump’s words count,

so does Jingo Li, Yi Dou, Yi Du, BoQing Dong, Quansen Jiu, Xiyi Jiu, Xiaojing Xu, Anjali and Sundar Pichai,

or Yu Dou, Tie-in Wu, Emily Quinn, Jailing Wu, Aihong Wu, Lucinda Page, Jerry Brown,

Aimer, Call me Mosaic, Abby, QTools, New Look, Xiyanli, Lowes, Sears, Dillard, Old Navy,

they gather lots of our thoughts

‘baking a birthday cake’ for Tom L. Wu, Jiahong Wu, sheng wu, Lily Brown, Li Horan, Li Xuan, Fan Min

never mind worries of Yuan Kong, Carson James, Dan Larson, and Don Belt,

we walk civic steps

climbing Great Walls,

visiting Tian Tan park, Yi He Yuan park, Summer palace and Dong dan street,

if Xi Jingping and Peng Liyuan love Qingfeng baize,’then we’



Hua Wei Da
















we wish you’AL



the way Jinlong Tan works from Peking

today the weather has cold but dry mood

Loraine and Robin get up too early,

searching for some clues of how Tom and Sam have tried to celebrate Christmas

that is when Pamela, Walton, Terry, James, amnd Joe join them,

first a sweet card

then a beautiful breakfast

in the end, the Red ‘Feng Ye Shu’ hit all

I type this,

not because I am perfect

or i am imperfect

i tried hard, to remember some goodfaculty,

the new daughter of Xu xiaojing and yang li, born December 15, 2017

the new princess of Liu hua and Jiu quansen,  in addition to Jiu Xinyi

bebies and parents

innocent and rich family ties

I feel the extraordinary wisdom from Zeyu Food inside Jin long Tan and

Fu Yi xuan food from Yu Long hotel,

maybe peng liyuan and xi jingping will forgive us,

maybe I  am forgiving my sister, brother, and children for being distant

Abbey, Lilyn, Lucas, Heidi, Ted, Aime, Linda, Amelia, Vanessa, Samba, Dianne


merry christmas\