short story slam week 71, 70,

far away
near Sky river
we pray
huazhong in wuhan
they have strong science and poetry
Qu Yuan reminds us of Duanwu
close to Huangpu River
we notice Han Yongqian and Guo Boling
they agree with Peng Chuanhui
when Ying Li and Xu Xiaojing decide to date,
they think of Beijing university Wei Ming lake,
they believe in Zhu Daihong and Hai Mingwei
Zhao Wei is cute
So do Xie Xiaodong and Zhang Lei
we let Olympic games run free
people from Los Angeles may see
Frank Seth Shengbutoxicrm
Emily, Amelia, Paisley, Kathleen, Steven, Lilyn, Anjali, Alison, Beryl…
lots of unknown factors
many opt to give up, not to investgate Abbey, Melania, Eric, Aime, Ari, Jema,
I decide to think of Yang Kaihui, Zhao Huiyun, and Yan Yongcui

poetry picnic week 45, world peace year 6, a poem by kez sherphard

a poem on war and peace by kez sherphard, tag here à


I see yet another scene,

War, war the goggle box screams

Wars on streets, kids fighting back,

All for their solution, a joint or some crack,

This is not Utopia,

Responsibility is their myopia!

War, War The government screams,

Send our boys to fight an opposing regime,

To help their brothers whose rights are denied,

Yet there will be casualties affecting both sides,

This is not a bad dream,

Communication should reign supreme!

War, war being fought in my nation’s name,

The heavy burden which just causes shame,

Kids fighting in and on our streets,

Parents guidance diluted, empty, deplete!

This is not a mummy state,

Nurturing should be innate!

People power can create peace,

Peace in one’s mind,

Is a peace of some kind,

Peace on this earth,

Would need a rebirth,

For all of humanity,

To restore balance,

Hope and a sense of sanity!



Thomas Owunse

Jingle Love for Jingle Mom

family 3


hapy birthday to Tom, Sheng, Richard, Lucinda, Sam, Mary, abbey, Tiffany, Melania, Sean, and John from Beth Stephanie


Sam, Sheng, and J. D. walking around parking lot of ocu

Image result for donald trump clans
eric trump, donald trump, barron trump, ivanka trump, donald trump jr, tristan trump,
and james kushner, they are famous from Kong, Peng, Yan, Yang, Lou, Wu, Su, Zhu, Zhao
Xu, Wang, Guan, Dong, Zhang, Feng, Shen, Yu, Fan, Tu, Fu, Chen, Zhou, Han, Tang, Gong, Wei
Image result for bill and melinda gates
melinda gates, bill william gates, and barack obama

poetry rally week 84, blueberry muffins, and chicken’s egg drop soups

Thursday Poets Rally Week 84 speical, 30 poems in 30 days April nutrition/Wellness/freedom/openheart/illistration March (read, post, share and laugh)

Image result for blueberry


Image result for blueberry

Image result for blueberry

Image result for blueberry poems

by Miss E R

Blueberry bluebells
sing, imperceptibly
against a backdrop of
quiet cerulean.

You know
it is Spring when
their hazy grasses
sprout beautifully
thick in the blades
between the primrose,
and when the sun
infuses shafts
of bronze to the lilac
through the giant
ash’s baby





short story slam week 63,

Image result for haiku
Related image
Image result for mountain valley
Loveless Mary
deaf about streaming flow
of marooned swing
Nameless lake
Peking University Yanfu
label of skywatch
Zhang Jizhong
a grandfather, Yan Juer,
what Maxine Hong Kingston
poetry rally and story
Peng Zhongqiang or Gu Jianfeng
hope boomed by San
deals and refills
skylar zhang and jenna huang
no denial signed
jerry brown and joe singer
brave lawyers joking ann blair
Laszlo Stein rises
Yang Lan tv
Peng Chuanbing cross his fingers
he thinks of Deney Lee
Chun Ni beijing
Zhao Wei, Zhang Yan, Hu Ke, Gao Jiyu,
all drama Abbey
Ethan Wood ossm
Sue Dick and William Underwood
Bob Cooper empowers Sheng
Jim Waldo, Megan Crow
Laynie Henry writes on Charlotte, Aidan
Hillary co-op Jeferson
Emily Flecher and Anne Peters
they mother fairly, to Jennifer Halger,
Julia Cohen joins Molly Shi
Mike Pence and Thomas Mosher
to and fro between Leslie and Christina
Lucinda and Larry quit quarrels
Bewildered Swallows
hiding under spring green shade
Dale, Alan, Jaco, Chris, Chad,
Ruple, Robin, Mira, Melinda,
many chorus on Eric Schmidt, Wendy Tucker,
silence for Gabe, Aime, and Martha
Image result for haiku
haiku by Frank and Wavely
Image result for mountain valley

short story slam week 61, Jilline Hobby, Pam Brooks, Connie Hedrick, Burns Hargis, Flynnagin Sperry,Audie Murphy, Jeff Watts, Kyle Gibbs. Gerald Clancy, andJames Moore , they all join Donald Trump and Mike Pence today

short story slam week 61, Jilline Hobby, Pam Brooks, Connie Hedrick, Burns Hargis, Flynnagin Sperry,Audie Murphy, Jeff Watts, Kyle Gibbs. Gerald Clancy, andJames Moore , they all join Donald Trump and Mike Pence today for first day of 45th president of USA

looming sea

Pacific bay

Pichar and Schmidt pave a way

so that Nankai, Tianjin wit has a say

Alan Eagle, Larry Page, Abe Wu, Sanrufz Hillford, Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg,

Brad Henry, Mary Fallin, Sue Dick, REbecca Morris, Lori Webster, Steadman Upham,

some new

some old

some sing

some scream

singing a cute chorus near Washington D. C.

Meredith Wood and Barack Obama agree:

Steve Holland, Thomas Perez, Megan Barry, Morton Owen, Boonie Haydon, George Bush

stand in a crowd of rooster club fans

clapping their hands

imaging future momentary values in San FRancisco, in Miami, and in Houston

if Sam Clancy and Emily Farris ever wondered about how Princeton produces intelligence

via Liz Lempert, Kathleen Applegate, Mark Zuckerberg, James Wrighton, Stephan Wilson,

recall 28 years ago,

when Sherry Kim and Kimberly Clark write for info0rmation,

and when Yuri Uchida, Lee Fan, Ning Ju, Peter Constantin, Jerry Bona, and Jian Feifan open tea house,

Ari Wood, Abbey Wood, Jack Ma, Baoxia Zhen, Nianyu Wang, Bing Li, and Bing Han feel good

Angela Jolie and Tom Depaola are creative,

Maya Angelou, Alice Walker, Scott Pippen, Gayla Foster, Olive Blecha Wells, and Lilyn Eagle begin to advocate early childhood education

Patricia Jordan, Alan Noell, Dale Alspach, William Jaco, Ann Hargis, and Jim Halligan join,

from the perspective of John Steinbrink, Joel Stein, Martha Minow, Lucinda Southworrth,

New york Brooklyn bridge and University of Pennsyvania have high ground values

Thanks to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Wuhan Tianhe Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao airport,

Dallas -Fortworth Airport, Washington Dulles airport, Denver airport, Los Angeles LAx airport,

we have our small angeles flying

















Image result for donald trump january 20th

Annapolis view from Colvin center, seeing Donald Trump and Melania Trump oath,

January 20, 2017

Image result for donald trump january 20th

Image result for donald trump january 20th

Image result for donald trump january 20th

Michelle Robinson and Barack Stanley

Image result for alan eagle
Alan Eagle, Google employer
Image result for alan eagle
Brin, Schmidt, and Page, google co-founders and chairman
Image result for sundai pichar and anjali pichar
anjali Pichar and Sundai Pichar, google senior director
Image result for chuck robbins
Sheng Wu, Tom Lee Wu, Jiahong Wu, Russell house, Boston, MA, 2014
Image result for brad henry and kimberly henry
Dai  Jiaqing, and Chen Gongli