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2017-2018 Staff

Lily Milwit


Lily Milwit (she, her, hers) is a senior and the 2017-18 Editor-in-Chief of The Tulane Hullabaloo. Lily hails from Maryland and majors in English, political science and communications. Her past positions with The Hullabaloo include Sports Layout Editor, Arcade Layout Editor, Production Manager and News Editor.

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Canela Lopez

Managing Editor

Canela Lopez (they, them, theirs) is the Managing Editor of The Hullabaloo and a junior from Los Angeles, California. They study political science and Africana studies. Canela is also involved in Students Organizing Against Racism, Queer Feminist Collective and Gamma Rho Lambda.

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Colin Threlkeld

Chief Copy Editor

Colin Threlkeld (he, him, his) is the Chief Copy Editor for The Hullabaloo. He is a sophomore from Memphis, Tennessee, majoring in political economy and philosophy. Last year, he became a Copy Editor after participating in The Hullabaloo’s Summer Journalism Experience as an incoming freshman. After college he plans to go to law school and eventually pursue a career as a criminal defense attorney. …

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Allison Buffett

Personnel Director

Allison Buffett (she, her, hers) is the Personnel Director for the Tulane Hullabaloo. She has been a proud member of The Hullabaloo since her freshman year. Allison has previously served on both the Hullabaloo board and managing board, contributing as a reporter and graphic designer. She is a current senior majoring in political science and social policy and practice with a minor in public health. …

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Tess Riley

Digital Director

Tess Riley (she, her, hers) is a junior from Hamden, Connecticut, studying English, communications and international development. Tess currently serves as Digital Director and previously held positions as Sports Editor and News Editor. She joined The Hullabaloo after participating in the Summer Journalism Experience as a freshman and has been involved in the Hull ever since. Tess is a Prose Editor f…

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Brooke Rhea

Senior Business Manager

Brooke Rhea (she, her, hers) is a junior studying economics and real estate. Brooke serves as the Senior Business Manager and is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She also serves as the Philanthropy Director for Kappa Alpha Theta.

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Fiona Grathwohl

News Editor

Fiona Grathwohl (she, her, hers) serves as News Editor for The Tulane Hullabaloo. Though born German/American, she grew up moving around often and lived in Europe, various parts of Asia, and the U.S. Fiona last lived in Singapore and considers that home. She joined the Hullabaloo as a reporter during her freshman year and fell in love with writing, journalism and the Hullabaloo staff. On campus, sh…

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Adrienne Underwood

News Editor

Adrienne Underwood (she, her, hers) is a junior from Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. A former Copy Editor and Staff Reporter, Adrienne currently serves as a News Editor for The Hullabaloo. She studies English and political science. Adrienne is a Resident Advisor in the Mayer Residences and is a member of the Tulane-Newcomb Art Student Association.

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Nurah Lambert

Arcade Editor

Nurah Lambert (she, her, hers) is a sophomore and Arcade Editor. She is from Chicago, Illinois, and studies English, communications and SLAMM. Outside of The Hullabaloo, Nurah acts as Direction Chair for Tulane University Campus Programming.

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Josh Axelrod

Arcade Editor

Josh Axelrod (he, him, his), one of the Arcade Editors for The Hullabaloo, is a sophomore majoring in English and film studies. Originally from Fanwood, New Jersey, Josh is also involved in the Taylor Center, Media Board, the Center for Public Service and Swim 4 Success on campus. Last year, he was a General Associate Editor, and he aspires to one day be a film critic. …

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Bess Turner

Sports Editor

Bess Turner (she, her, hers) is a senior from Chattanooga, Tennessee. She studies English, anthropology and environmental studies. Bess has previously served as a Copy Editor and currently holds a position as Sports Editor. On campus, Bess is a member of Alpha Delta Pi and the Sustainability Committee. She is also an intern at the Middle American Research Institute and works for the Goldman Center. …

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Shea Dobson

Sports Editor

Shea Dobson (he, him, his) is a Sports Editor for The Tulane Hullabaloo. Shea is from a family of novelists and wrote his first article when he was 12, which was published by the local high school’s newspaper. In high school, Dobson wrote for the school newspaper and website but found his passion as the head anchor of the school’s television station. Shea is a theatre major who aspires to be a house…

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Nketiah “Ink” Berko

Views Editor

Nketiah “Ink” Berko (he, him, his) is currently a Views Editor for The Hullabaloo. He is a sophomore from Alexandria, Louisiana, majoring in political economy and international relations with a minor in philosophy. Nketiah joined The Hullabaloo his freshman year and is also involved in mock trial, College Democrats, Tulane’s Black Student Union and Phi Alpha Delta fraternity.

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Daniel Horowitz

Views Editor

Daniel Horowitz (he, him, his) is currently serving as a Views Editor for The Hullabaloo. He is a senior studying political science and communication with a minor in social innovation and social entrepreneurship. Daniel has been writing for Views since his freshman year and was one an Associate Views Editor his junior year. Outside of the Hullabaloo office, he is an active brother of Phi Kappa Sig…

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Nile Pierre

Intersections Editor

Nile Pierre (she, her, hers) is an Intersections Editor majoring in political economy and Latin American studies with a Spanish minor. She served as associate editor for Intersections as a freshman. Nile is from Los Angeles, California, and has interests in social justice and law.

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Emily Fornof

Intersections Editor

Emily Fornof (she, her, hers) is an Intersections Editor from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a sophomore studying economics, art history, Spanish and political science. Emily formerly served as an Associate News Editor and participated in the Summer Journalism Experience her freshman year. Outside of The Hullabaloo, she serves as president for Tulane’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity and is a m…

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Emily Meyer

Arcade and Intersections Layout Editor

Emily Meyer (she, her, hers) is the Arcade and Intersections Layout Editor for The Tulane Hullabaloo. She has been a part of the layout staff since her freshman year. Emily is a junior from Dayton, Ohio, and is majoring in mathematics and neuroscience with a minor in public health. Outside of The Hullabaloo, she is a part of the club lacrosse team and conducts research at Tulane. Emily hopes to pur…

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Gwen Snyder

Views Layout Editor

Gwen Snyder (she, her, hers), Views Layout Editor, is a sophomore from San Diego, California. She is majoring in fine arts and sociology and joined The Hullabaloo freshman year as a staff artist. In high school Gwen was an editor and photographer for the yearbook, so The Hullabaloo seemed right up her alley. In addition to being on the Hull, Gwen is a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority and likes to …

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Paul Trujillo

Sports Layout Editor

Paul Trujillo (he, him, his) is a Los Angeles, California, native who serves as the Sports Layout Editor for The Hullabaloo. As a sophomore, he is currently double majoring in psychology and cognitive studies and minoring in political science. Aside from Tulane’s newspaper, Paul is a Posse Scholar and serves as Historian for GENTE, Tulane’s sole Latinx student organization. Paul is also a member of the Tu…

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Margaux Armfield

Art Director

Margaux Armfield (she, her, hers) is the Art Director for The Hullabaloo.  She is a sophomore from Knoxville, Tennessee studying cellular and molecular biology, and ecology and evolutionary biology. Last year, she worked with The Hullabaloo as a staff artist and contributing writer. In the future, Margaux hopes to pursue a career in biomedical animation or genetic research. …

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Cam Lutz

Copy Editor

Cam Lutz (he, him, his), a Copy Editor, is a sophomore from Austin, Texas, studying linguistics and digital media production. In addition to copy editing, he enjoys creating infographics for the layout team and contributing his writing to the news and arcade sections. Cam is also on the rock climbing team.

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Parker Greenwood

Copy Editor

Parker Greenwood (he, him, his) is a sophomore double majoring in art and digital media production who began his Hullabaloo career through the Summer Journalism Experience as an incoming freshman. He currently serves as a Copy Editor for The Hullabaloo. A native of New Orleans, Parker can sometimes be spotted walking his rottweiler Tess around campus when he’s not in the Hullabaloo office. He is…

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Jake Brennan

Business Manager

Jake Brennan (he, him, his) is a current senior from Wellesley, Massachusetts. He studies political economy and international relations. Jake serves as a Business Manager for The Hullabaloo.

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Finian Lowery

Business Manager

Finian Lowery (he, him, his) is a Business Manager for The Hullabaloo. Having previously worked as Distribution Manager and Business Associate with The Hullabaloo, he is dedicated to connecting local and national businesses with the Tulane community through innovative marketing channels. He is a senior studying economics, environmental studies and management….

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Lauren Gaines

Digital Editor

Lauren Gaines (she, her, hers), a sophomore from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is The Hullabaloo’s first Digital Editor and manages all social media outlets for the publication. Lauren is double majoring in communications and public relations and uses these skills to keep the Hull connected with readers both within and beyond the Tulane community. Outside of The Hullabaloo, Lauren participates in the Unde…

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Robin Boch

Training and Recruitment Coordinator

Robin Boch (she, her, hers) is a sophomore from Roanoke, Virginia, and is the current Training and Recruitment Coordinator for The Hullabaloo. As a freshman, Robin contributed to The Hullabaloo by participating in the Summer Journalism Experience program and later became an Associate Editor for Views. On campus, she is also involved with Newcomb Scholars, Model United Nations, Greek life, Newcomb Se…

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Ella Helmuth

Photography Editor

Ella Helmuth (she, her, hers) is a sophomore from Lexington, Kentucky. She is a triple major in English, history and political science. Last year, Ella served as an Associate News Editor and now serves as The Hullabaloo’s Photography Editor. She is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority where she holds the position of Production Director. Ella is a Senator-at-Large in Undergraduate Student Govern…

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Colin Yaccarino

Photography Editor

Colin Yaccarino (he, him, his) is a Photography Editor at The Hullabaloo and previously worked as a staff photographer. He hails from New York, where he studied and analyzed journalism during his high school years. He is drawn to the press and other sources of social movements and advocates for truthful, honest journalism.

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Regina LoBiondo

Production Manager

Regina LoBiondo (she, her, hers) is the Production Manager for The Tulane Hullabaloo. She is a senior from New Jersey studying international relations and public relations. She previously served for two years on the Hullabaloo board as a Layout Editor. She is also involved with WTUL New Orleans.


short story slam week 74, sunday writing whirligig, amelia earhart, sophie schmidt, london emerson, sam firefox, sean bedraza, morton schapiro, alyssa sperrazza



THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “‘I am the last…'” by Charles Simic: retreating, road, birch, mud, one-eyed, cut, saber, hair, clothes, lined, sell, waving


retired plans

it has sober emotions

if I am not the last one who sits next to you

at least I count my blessings,

believing that I am the first,

maybe the one who often sits elsewhere,

fencing your home with woodland boards

one-eyed monster

kirby birch and janet rouscher kindess

if amy wang and don belt disagree to disagree

john nicklow and michael fitts may feel better

so does nicholas nepezos and lydia howard

I do mind performing arts from Bradt Dixon

I do hear a man who speaks of Spa Reyna

I indeed agree that Maya Welch, Kim Ma, Aime Wood, and Sam Clancy can do well

saber hai-cut lines up firmly in my forehead

retreating birch resires on muddy roadside

I am waving words

while Paula and Gerald wave clothes from San Jose

thanks to pat brown, mark brown, cynthia brown, marc brown….




short story slam week 73, shadow shot sunday 2, ruby tuesday,

when Joyce visits London bridge, she has taken lots of photos of herself,
smiling as if she were famous singers, despite the fact that Jessica Simpson and
Britney Spears both hot in pop songs, we also know Guan Xiaohong, Feng Huang
Chuan Qi, Loraine Chan, Cai Guoqing, and Yan Weiwen….
Matt Schapiro is a good lord, he carries the famous smiles of Scott Pippen, and
supports Evelyn Wilson as if she were a queen, when hair rising moments come,
when thinking cat and writing wand hit Wavely Xie and Abbey Fan, stars from
the sky remind us of time, space, and moon shifts
beginning today, I will not drop out myself as an ordinary human, yet, I join
William Butler Yeats’ brown penny, writing my honest thought out of my facebook wall,
young or old, crooked or well rounded, loops of story strings are thick enough to make
us think, Sam edwards, Ericka Schapiro-Sakashita, Lawrence Johnson, Anne Pence Davis,
Joan Upham, Kerry Haag, Natalie Gray, Leah Abbey, ameliawood yarisford, …
a trip changes one’s mood
my trip to your writing web seems serve me well,
I gather some twigs and have my hair combed anew

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Brown Penny” by William Butler Yeats: brown, penny, enough, loops, hair, young, crooked, wise, thinking, stars, shadows, begin

Brittney spears
SODIUM  sam edwards poetry


sunday whirls week 311


no chains can undo a tie between our left hand and right hand

a throat hurt could send one to Mars—

bursting into substances of Matter and Spirits

a bunch of kids swimming in a school of Sheridan milkyway

surfacing wonders of QinGates and TheaDell in simmered grace

Barnsdale, McCord, Tonkawa, Mulvane, Pawhuska, Ada, Henryetta,

today I have chestnuts in a lounge,

a brown leaf sails away from Northwestern nutshell

Peter and FRancis decide to color their words in green

Sam and Upham won’t quit since they have won a freedom award

if Bill and Victor join Nick Murphy,

the screen of Yang Lan and Adam Pixley may advance

lots of stuff remain hidden in Cynthia, Jennifer, Paisley, Melinda, and Alex

my response is over

my place is renewed with Mimi Schapiro’s McCormick codes



short story slam week 71, 70,

far away
near Sky river
we pray
huazhong in wuhan
they have strong science and poetry
Qu Yuan reminds us of Duanwu
close to Huangpu River
we notice Han Yongqian and Guo Boling
they agree with Peng Chuanhui
when Ying Li and Xu Xiaojing decide to date,
they think of Beijing university Wei Ming lake,
they believe in Zhu Daihong and Hai Mingwei
Zhao Wei is cute
So do Xie Xiaodong and Zhang Lei
we let Olympic games run free
people from Los Angeles may see
Frank Seth Shengbutoxicrm
Emily, Amelia, Paisley, Kathleen, Steven, Lilyn, Anjali, Alison, Beryl…
lots of unknown factors
many opt to give up, not to investgate Abbey, Melania, Eric, Aime, Ari, Jema,
I decide to think of Yang Kaihui, Zhao Huiyun, and Yan Yongcui

poetry picnic week 45, world peace year 6, a poem by kez sherphard

a poem on war and peace by kez sherphard, tag here à


I see yet another scene,

War, war the goggle box screams

Wars on streets, kids fighting back,

All for their solution, a joint or some crack,

This is not Utopia,

Responsibility is their myopia!

War, War The government screams,

Send our boys to fight an opposing regime,

To help their brothers whose rights are denied,

Yet there will be casualties affecting both sides,

This is not a bad dream,

Communication should reign supreme!

War, war being fought in my nation’s name,

The heavy burden which just causes shame,

Kids fighting in and on our streets,

Parents guidance diluted, empty, deplete!

This is not a mummy state,

Nurturing should be innate!

People power can create peace,

Peace in one’s mind,

Is a peace of some kind,

Peace on this earth,

Would need a rebirth,

For all of humanity,

To restore balance,

Hope and a sense of sanity!



Thomas Owunse

Jingle Love for Jingle Mom

family 3


hapy birthday to Tom, Sheng, Richard, Lucinda, Sam, Mary, abbey, Tiffany, Melania, Sean, and John from Beth Stephanie


Sam, Sheng, and J. D. walking around parking lot of ocu

Image result for donald trump clans
eric trump, donald trump, barron trump, ivanka trump, donald trump jr, tristan trump,
and james kushner, they are famous from Kong, Peng, Yan, Yang, Lou, Wu, Su, Zhu, Zhao
Xu, Wang, Guan, Dong, Zhang, Feng, Shen, Yu, Fan, Tu, Fu, Chen, Zhou, Han, Tang, Gong, Wei
Image result for bill and melinda gates
melinda gates, bill william gates, and barack obama

poetry rally week 84, blueberry muffins, and chicken’s egg drop soups

Thursday Poets Rally Week 84 speical, 30 poems in 30 days April nutrition/Wellness/freedom/openheart/illistration March (read, post, share and laugh)

Image result for blueberry


Image result for blueberry

Image result for blueberry

Image result for blueberry poems

by Miss E R

Blueberry bluebells
sing, imperceptibly
against a backdrop of
quiet cerulean.

You know
it is Spring when
their hazy grasses
sprout beautifully
thick in the blades
between the primrose,
and when the sun
infuses shafts
of bronze to the lilac
through the giant
ash’s baby