Community Member Birthdays

January 1, Kavita,

January 4, Ina:

January 12, lolamouse:

January 14, Dee

January 18th, Mia, Imagina

Jan. 19th, Sina:

January 19,

January 23rd, deadpoet88,

January 26th, Teenage Poet:

January 28, Krisse:

February 2, cesar

February 4, RJ:

February 5, Marlee-I Mystic:

February 10, Lilly:

February 10, Purvi:

February 21, Lisa:

Feb 22, Jamie Dedes:

February 28, Willliam at william

March 1, Christine:

March 3,  Aleza,

March 13, Datsme:

March 20,  Wyomingdiva:

March 21, Cloaked Monk:

March 27, Amanda (buttercup):

March 28, Someone Is Special at Few Miles

April 2, Jamie at Jaymie

April 10th. Shail,

April 16:Gracefulglider:

April 28, Shakira at shakira

May 6, C.

May 20th.

May 22, Wordsalad at, Luke Prater

May 26, Wondrinsoul:

May 29,

June 3, Cheryl Joi:

June 18, A Poem A Day at Adkwriter15…

June 22, Bing (PinkLady): or

June 21st, Nanka:

June 23rd, the lonely recluse:

June 26, Wordwand at: wordwand

June 27 , Lu Ann:

July 10, Suzi at: suzicate

July 1, Harshika,

July 1, Magdalena: (The Chamber of Stories):

July 2, Layla James:http://iamlaylajames.wordpress.comJuly 18th, Wordy woman:

July 21, 2010…. Amy at amy

July 22, Ewan Walker:

July 24, Annie:

July 24, José Ruy Pimentel de Castro:

July 25,  Sumit Sarkar:

August 1, Ishabelle: http://ishabellemanalo.wordpress.comand

August 3, Heartspell at heartspell

August 8,  Megzone at Megzone

August 10, Doni,

August 18, Leo :

August 11, Olivia:

August 26,  Lisa:

August 31, Nelly:

September 5, Bodhirose:

Sept 20, seoulaja:

Septemb Raivene: September 19th!

Semptemer 24th, Budhaaah:

October 9, Tweety:

October 16, Talon,

October 16, Celebrating A Year:

October 21:~Drew:

November 2, Tootsie:Blogs:

November 3, 1964, Eric Alder

November 15th, Dakshima,

Square sunshine, November 23, birthday,

December 1, Anky0112:

Dec 7, Jstar:

December, 9, scent of my heart:

December 9, M.L. Gallagher

Emmanuel Ibok (December 14, 2010 Happy Birthday!)

ScottlB (December 10, 2010, Happy Belated Birthday!)

December 10, Punam:

December 19, 2010, Gpysy:

December 25, Vibhuti  B:

December 28, Fiveloaf:

December 29,  Victoria Ceretto-Slotto:

December 29, 2010, Pat Cegan,

If you are a poet, if you wish Jingle to celebrate your birthday in our poetry/writing community, please leave a comment with

Your name,

Your poetry blog link,

Your birthday,  Simply say: for example: August 27,

No need to reveal the year you were born to keep the privacy of your age….

Many thanks.

Happy Everyday, Happy Birthday 2 U All!

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