Thursday Poets’ Rally Poem Post (Week 10)

Don’t you agree?

There exists NO perfect tree,

There is No perfect college degree,

Perfectionism costs, not free!


I can try to be as perfect as I can be,

Someone else will always beats me.

No one is perfect, neither we,

Nor they.


When my love for you

Is true,

“You Are Perfect”,

That’s how I respect, inspect, and reflect.


Be as perfect as you can be,

That’s what others wanted to see.

You don’t have to always agree,

You need not to learn it with a fee.


Shakira nominated Jingle at SAVE GREAT LAKES NOW! for Week 9 the Perfect Poet Award.

The purpose of this award is to encourage Thursday Poets’ Rally members for their poetry and participation,  (I would prefer not to be nominated since I am the one who hosts the Rally, please let me know your thoughts  😉 ).

I accept the award with my poem post here following the Rules of Acceptance stated in the award post

and nominate William at William for week 10 winner.

Thank You! Shakira and William for being long time supporters of Thursday Poets’ Rally!

I am very humbled and touched by You. xxx

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