Spring Trust – An Anniversary And An Award

The sunshine is your consciousness.

The beginning of a new life-


Is both exhilarating

And frightening!

Spring trust means realizations

Of letting go of old fears, hatreds, and relations,

And bringing forth hope or creations!

Every realization in you leads to spring time,

every impulse to hear your inner self is spring time.

Shake off the orientation of a victim of familiar circumstances,

See yourself as one of the  invincible substances.

Spring trust

Is spring moments when novel thoughts thrust.

Comprehending it is knowledge,

Recognizing it is wisdom,

and believing it is faith!

Spring Trust Award

According to Thom at http://tp4ww.com/an-anniversary-and-a-birthday/

Shakira has been celebrating her wedding anniversary with her husband Arnie yesterday. Happy Belated Anniversary #3 to You, Shakira and Arnie. I hope this event comes in the decades to come and have a sweet and surprised filled evening! 😉

I created a new award, Spring Trust Award, I would like to pass this to 12 friends, in whom I trust their friendships and consistent comments in my blog. There are many more of you deserve to be on the list, but I would love to see some of you get it indirectly via the following blogging buddies.

Rules: Keep it or Pass it to 3-12 bloggers you trust them in their blogging friendships.

#1: Shakira

#2: William

#3: Brian

#4: Doraz

#5: Art

#6: 2a24

#7: Jaymie


#9: Doubtfulpoet

#10: Fiveloaf

#11: Hadassah

#12: Viola

Please visit above blogging friends today and Happy Happy Sunday to YOU all!

😉  🙂  😉

Have Your Poetential Awaken In Your Waking Hours-Sunday160

No need to wait,
Never waive your right,
Have your potential awaken
In your waking hours,
Walk off your boredom,
Wage weekly Thursday Poets’ Rally.


I used the character calculator

What can you say in 160 characters? (spaces included)

Check it out on  Monkey Man. ;)