the chessboard game

my mind is philed with chessboard of lovers,
pawn to pawn, each makes its moves
targeted. watchful eyes stare, they
place order on the stressed fingers,
forgetting how their forceful move
push some pieces out of the picture,
although defeated, the game
continues, and the battle lasts
on all fields of kings and queens,
a fat pig won’t give in
with a fair ant marching its band

Spring Into Marcum’s Nursery Garden

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Going green is of the best occupation,
Liveliness is what’s counted for,
Take a look at Marcum’s Nursery,
Rich selections of green products please us all.
Green trees stand,
row by row,
shrubs, annuals, perennials, and bulbs look grand,
fountains, pottery, garden decor appear tall, dynamic, and beautiful.
add a swimming pool if you can,
restrict to a simple lawn is okay too,
visit Hydra, Aqua Haven,
Go home feeling inspired and cool.

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Mary Fallin ( a model to look at and think about)

a woman,
a mother,
a republican,
a feminist who influences Oklahoma.
she is tough,
she is brave,
she promotes art and family values,
she faces challenges while supporting blues clues.
she is white,
she wears no glass,
she is blonde,
she makes no fuss.
she bears Michelle Obama,
she appears aggressive, fair,
She meets Laura Bush at Montana,
she is Mary Fallin, a famous lady here.

common sense (for thursday poets rally week 80, all welcome!)

shopping for confidence,
through the bubbles of a fish,
we gamble and sense
magic and fantasy in a flash,
it’s like taste a big piece of cheese
by looking at an online dish,
we transfer and traverse,
number digits into the sixth dimensional cash:
I cannot see what you see,
I cannot agree with what you pursuit,
I’m distinct and discrete
and I follow my common sense.



Free Verse With Rhymes (for thursday poets rally week 79) please join us today

baldeagle perfect poets at hyde park poetry palace rally week 79
The Perfect Poet Award For Week 79, Many Thanks!

Thursday Poets Rally has me an award,  Maniparna Sengupta Majumder is

what I wish to nominate for week 80, Thanks for the sunlight…Happy End of January Weekend!

three men, all well educated and tall,

under American system, where they share their point of views,

From ancient Rome science to current Western fame hall,

where wise mind makes wise programs jewels,

from forth the brave tigers of those three partners,

a set of internationally renowned programs are launched into space.

Thursday Poets Rally Week 79: January 14-January 27, 2015 (5th anniversary celebration)

Bible verse reads;

Chicago Poet by Carl Sandburg

love skylar  a morton stove pool spa

I saluted a nobody.
I saw him in a looking-glass.
He smiled–so did I.
He crumpled the skin on his forehead, frowning–so did I.
Everything I did he did.
I said, “Hello, I know you.”
And I was a liar to say so.

Ah, this. looking-glass man!
Liar, fool, dreamer, play-actor,
Soldier, dusty drinker of dust–
Ah! he will go with me
Down the dark stairway
When nobody else is looking,
When everybody else is gone.

He locks his elbow in mine,
I lose all–but not him.

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Haiku Height (a Repost)


Coming in a trance,

Tragedies take place in flocks,

Not much can be done.

All of a sudden,

Nature manifests its power,

Winds howl, raindrops prowl.

So little being done,

So much for me to do,

Pardon me, sweet you.

I make many choices,

Yet when tornadoes show blues,

I lose voices and clues.

Alphabet Letter F: F is for ….


Frogs follow fish in a pond,

Forests find friends in camping ground.

Fairies fly high,

Farmers are fond of fruit pie.

Families fight to stay fit,

Film fans feel feverish to famous fellows’ wit.

Fall in love with fascinating Fall,

Fear nothing at all.

Facts and factors form a riddle,

Face a fabulous fiddle.

Faith facilitates fulfilling future,

Fire all the filthy creature.

Free fictional fears,

Fix fidget tears and wears.

File a final and fateful divorce

to all false and frightful force.

No more grades of F,

Enough talks of F…

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