short story slam week 32: the pink Mondays

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it is like walking into a casino,
there are tables of dices,
colorful wheels,
and i pick pink Monday

a color between red and peach,
a choice of bright, pure, and focused,
pink is love in orange ink,
pink is passion in feverish wink

today, I place a card in this thinking box,
I wish to collect treasure of notable things,
so that when frost paves our drive way,
i can use mountain tires to polish my day

Spring Into Marcum’s Nursery Garden

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Going green is of the best occupation,
Liveliness is what’s counted for,
Take a look at Marcum’s Nursery,
Rich selections of green products please us all.
Green trees stand,
row by row,
shrubs, annuals, perennials, and bulbs look grand,
fountains, pottery, garden decor appear tall, dynamic, and beautiful.
add a swimming pool if you can,
restrict to a simple lawn is okay too,
visit Hydra, Aqua Haven,
Go home feeling inspired and cool.

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