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A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 123


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 Andrew Cuomo

Day 123
Topic: Key
Topic given by Michael Kobernus

Holder of the gates
Burning inferno
The smoldering Dragon
Keeps to his cave

Around it, the secrets lay
Waiting to be revealed
By the serpent or the lion
Holders of the key

The lion carries his key with wisdom
Wise beyond his years
Held down in spirit
By his hunger

The serpent plays
the wisdom of the wise
But always haunted
By the shadows of life and death

Their key holds their symbol
The Dragon keeps it to his chest
Secrets of the wise
Needs the secret of immortality
The shedding of the skin
Could face the world
Giving us a new mask

But everything id’s hidden in the keys

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Today by Sharon Reniff


My days are getting brighter
My burdens some how lighter
My past is put behind
because thees better things to find
So many wishes for tomorrow
I can forget about the sorrow
I will begin to fulfill my dreams
No matter how hard it seems

 Killer-Beespasoraphilip66i love camila

Let’s Minneapolis-Saint Paul and Utah Orlando More…


MayorKasimReedTom and I always enjoy vacations,
The way Justin and Sheng do.
Vacations are one of the best ways
to facilitate physical and mental nutrition
and fine tune one’s body shape.

When Tom and I stop by Minneapolis-Saint Paul
international airport this January 2nd,
It happens to be Justin’s 46th birthday.
How great! I’ve emailed him right after
Tom connects his Sager computer to internet.

Sheng, Tom and I truly love the sight seeings
at Seoul Chung Ang university, Tai Chung Dunghai University,
Providence University, Taipei National Concert Hall,
Taiwan Academia Sinica, New York City Time Square and Central Park,
Utah Arches National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park…

America has awesome attractions,
Detroit, Scranton, Philadelphia, Princeton,
Salt Lake City, Orlando, Memphis, Evanston,
The flight of concord F5 from Atlanta to Incheon is comfortable,
Tulsa airport and Hilton Garden Inn are remarkable.

Emotional and seasonal mindset is key to one’s health,
Let’s move about lots and exercise daily to preserve youth.

yaletulsa worldtokyo college of music


This is a submission to a project on nutrition…please join us today. 

A Walk On Nutrition Factors and Free Verse At Hyde Park Poetry Via Thursday Poets Rally (Week 78): Join Us Today To Pave A Healthy Habbit


THE SILENCE BEFORE THE RAIN on March 25, 2014 by elainedanforth

alan gilbert

The heavy tension
of the silence
before the downbeat march
of rain

with lengthy,
solid lead
of the putter-patter vibrancy
against my window pane,

as the sky
that’s finally grayed
squeezes out some
needed moisture

a little dryness,
with the kindest love
of sweetest Nature,
out from our screeching drought
therefrom to drain. . .



Feline Fun: (Instant Joke)



There are four (4) cats in a boat, and one (1) jumped out. How many cats are left in the boat?

Solution: None, it is clearly said that 4 cats in a boat, one jumped off, since cats and humans are all copycats, the rest 3 cats and anyone who are humans also jumped off the boat.  We care about the moment, thus there in zero cats left in the boat.

Debbie and Bananz have correct answers.

The rest are well reasoned, and I enjoy the fun discussing this with you.  Thank U for the participation!

Happy Sunday 2 U all!

U R The Best!

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Family Fridays-My Family Is Just Right 4 Me! (A Quote Lyric)

magical ending
Oh, a family is people and
A family is love,
That’s a family.
They come in all different sizes
and different kinds,
But mine’s just right for me;
Yeah, mine’s just right for me.
I got a friend who lives
with his mom and dad,
with his brother and his sister too.
They’ve got a cat and a dog
and a pet bullfrog,
And I’m really glad they do.
Oh, a family is people and
A family is love,
That’s a family.
They come in all different sizes
and different kinds,
But mine’s just right for me;
Yeah, mine’s just right for me.
There’s a girl I know,
Who lives with her mom;
her dad lives far away.
Although she sees her parents
just one at a time,
They both love her everyday.
Oh, a family is people and
A family is love,
That’s a family.
They come in all different sizes
and different kinds,
But mine’s just right for me;
Yeah, mine’s just right for me.
I know a boy who’s new,
He just moved in.
He moved from Alabama.
And the person who’s
the head of his family,
is his loving, dear old grandma.
Oh, a family is people and
A family is love,
That’s a family.
They come in all different sizes
and different kinds,
But mine’s just right for me;
Yeah, mine’s just right for me.
hyattMarriott =Wanhaogeorgia march for life


Dogs bark at midnight,

a horse thumps his ribs with his tails.


Thunder in the morning goes on into noon,

Trapped chickens expect heavy rain soon.


Leaves shiver,

Waterfalls roar.


Muscat panic sky,

Half wet and half dry.


Fish float to breathe air,

Cows in the barn make anxious stare.


Crickets fasten their ticks,

Pigs play with match sticks.


Your mood tips over the day like a thud,

What’s the door to Heaven, you’ve forgot.


Muscat panic sky,

Half wet and half dry.


HAiry Thoughts on Hare or Hair, Here and There! November 15, 2013


Here and there,
People stop what they do,
making blank stare,
“A hare, there!”
Someone shouts,
“A hair, where?”
The other one responds;
“A big wild rabbit, there!”
“A fat grey bunny, here?!
is this what you refer?”
“Oh, yeah!”
“Alright, lady fair!
I’m thrilled that you
eventually hear that ‘HARE’!”
“I thought it was ‘HAIR’
in the first place, well!”
silent grins,
beautiful air hangs,
no more despair,
because everyone has hairy thoughts,
some time somewhere…
Think of new york city time square,
handy sample “Sandy” turns air heavy, bare!

a sid leeMatt Schapiro Shawn Pengv=she


The English Teacher by Steven Federle




When I told them how Jim Crow
made prisons of
bathrooms, restaurants,
candy stores, schools

and how the school bus forced
colored kids into a ditch,
(too black to ride)
and justice finally failed
even Sunday school girls,

they looked askance,
narrowing their eyes
and asked how people
could be so unfair,

so I showed them.

Six million gone
with the careless wave
of the Kommandant’s baton,
and Anne, discovered and reduced
to words on a page.

Their eyes grew suddenly old and grave.

asking them to write April poems,
I say,
look at the cold spring day…
wind blowing
through restless trees,
rain filling the land to
make it green,

but instead they sing dirges,
of children who murder,
and children who die.

So why should I be surprised ?
They did not make this world
and I cannot lie.

335 georgia PECANS3google.com

Author notes

(after reading Billy Collins’s poem, “The History Teacher”)

before the departure by Yelena

harry potter


i’ll become a nomad again
and sense the pulse of birthing time,
a seraphic dance beneath full moon
at the endless sanctuary
wrapped in wind melodies
as spell of the mount
captures seclusive souls
and melts them to prayers
on bright apparels of pilgrims.


and though everybody says
this is heartless or wrong
i don’t need love or home –
just solitude
and the closeness of sheltering sky.


i know the desert can be savage
but i’ve never felt anything more magical
than the unfolding of its soft evening light.




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yelena 2013