One Way To Become Famous Is To…

One way to become famous is to be a witch,

For then you can swallow bacon by the flitch;

You can fly without knowing why;

You can be rich and out of ordinary folks’ reach;

You can perform magic without causing anything tragic;

You can stop an itch by adding w to see yourself as a witch.

If you are a bitch, not a witch,

you may not become rich.

Be careful, my dear,

Ignore those hurtful jeer.

Find a way to become tame,

And once win some fame,

change your user name,

Be a witch,

buy a horse,

Be Wise,

Don’t get a divorce.

Be a wise witch,

Of course,


Before sunrise.


How are You?

One way to become famous is to___________.

I hope to read YOUR ideas and listen to YOUR wisdom of words.


😉 😉 😉