october write day 20, my try to love poetry at panama, south america plus a short story which is unfit to bluebell

OctPoWriMo 2015

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!
our past, sweet love,
our present, embracing love,
tenderness, happiness, that’s love to you,
hope that your love last

a happy communication infused with silent joy,
intimacy counts, for caring
heart…occupied by your big love
that passion shall sail like a white dove

warmth of unexpected attention,
passions… inflamed … under your pillowcase,
igniting fire by your eyes
the converging point …feverishly burning love


strength… the bond of a relation
love vespers … cute soft figure tips
remote glance…love of intelligence
unspoken payments…love of responsibility


ghostly, our parents, or grandparents speak
of absolute peace, grace, wit, and space,
the world is small
when your love conquers multiple layers of peppers

HAiry Thoughts on Hare or Hair, Here and There! November 15, 2013


Here and there,
People stop what they do,
making blank stare,
“A hare, there!”
Someone shouts,
“A hair, where?”
The other one responds;
“A big wild rabbit, there!”
“A fat grey bunny, here?!
is this what you refer?”
“Oh, yeah!”
“Alright, lady fair!
I’m thrilled that you
eventually hear that ‘HARE’!”
“I thought it was ‘HAIR’
in the first place, well!”
silent grins,
beautiful air hangs,
no more despair,
because everyone has hairy thoughts,
some time somewhere…
Think of new york city time square,
handy sample “Sandy” turns air heavy, bare!

a sid leeMatt Schapiro Shawn Pengv=she


Precious and Divine By Kim Nelson


If innocence was stolen
Sage, tenderly, I offer you
If love was denied
extracted at cost
Bay, juniper, ’round you I’ll strew
If touch was not gentle
Caresses not pure
With angelica I’ll draw your bath
If ‘cherish’ is foreign
Adoration unknown
Take my hand
I’ll show you the path
And a mirror
So you
Can see what I see
What you’re intended to be

Bless Your Summer, Have Fun Writing and Sharing!

Fingers withhold the clipped corners,
Geese escaped south migrate back to silent trees.
The deaf lady quiet for decades
hums the most perfect song upon encouragement.
The bitter young girl wines,
While the aged one sighs, with no regret of her decisions.
What is always is not what is usual.
You believe that others are insane,
But what if the thoughts come to you in return?


Image Credit: Google.com….Happy Day To You, Bless All!  😉

Your Phone Calls Mean So Much To Me! (For Thursday Poets Rally Week 69)

This number connects south Korea and North America,
Last time I dialed an additional 7 accidentally,
My call connected to a Korean family,
Thanks for giving me the chance to talk on the phone,
The ringing sounds like a love song,
So far I’m making home good,
The thoughtfulness you show is understood.

Thursday Poets Rally Week 69 (June 7-June 13, 2012)

Happy 19th Birthday From Home, Dear Shengish Woo!


When it comes to one’s birthday or anniversary,
It’s simply natural to think of home
where one shares quality time with friends,
Sheng has made numerous NEW friends
at Northwestern University, Joe, Terence Tao,
Gordon Ramsay, and Lawrence Lessig are some of
those, JD Henneberry and Staffordray stayed in touch.
Happy Birthday from Home, Sheng!


Dogs bark at midnight,

a horse thumps his ribs with his tails.


Thunder in the morning goes on into noon,

Trapped chickens expect heavy rain soon.


Leaves shiver,

Waterfalls roar.


Muscat panic sky,

Half wet and half dry.


Fish float to breathe air,

Cows in the barn make anxious stare.


Crickets fasten their ticks,

Pigs play with match sticks.


Your mood tips over the day like a thud,

What’s the door to Heaven, you’ve forgot.


Muscat panic sky,

Half wet and half dry.

Spain = Spanish Speakers+John Hindle+ John Clinton+Papa John Pizzas+Passport Agency+Pain Killers+Inlinkz+Rain

“Spanish is the world’s third most spoken language,
after Mandarin Chinese and English,
and ranks second in terms of native speakers.
Spanish is the mother tongue of approximately
388 million people in 21 countries
(Mexico: 102 million, USA: 45 million,
Spain: 44 million, Colombia: 44 million,
Argentina: 39 million, Venezuela: 28 million,
Peru: 28 million…)”






Barely Agreed

You are everywhere,

You are everyone,

You think that we’re done.


I’m perpendicularly late,

shadows leak from our trees,

off into your laps, heads up.


The responding bird is in hiding,

Your secret shivers to stroke the lute,

You must stop your stubbornly rectangular thoughts.


How I met him,

How we hold things together,

You’re too subjective to acknowledge it.


Now, admire the elongated raindrops on sill,

Stay still,

and don’t show your teeth to disagreements.


Oh, what’s going on?

Something seems wrong,

Charlotte yells at someone for a violation,

Angry God has descended from Heaven to an investigation.


Oh, this month is her birthday month,

Stars rally at Broadway wearing famous wigs,

“Hello from Hell”,

Charlotte waves her wand cell.


Crimes sparkle in dim light,

Police officers haunt with handcuffs handy,

Cruelty happens to all animals,

including child pornography of do-gooders.


Folks name October Charlotte,

Cases are piled high and wide,

Someone wags a finger in her face,

Charlotte has arrived to test the torture.