Forever Friends Award and Poetry Award

Forever Friends Award

Pat gives me this award, it is so special and I wish I could keep it on my own, but it is more fun to share it with my dearest friends, thus I decide to pass it on.

Thank U for treating me so sweetly and kindly, Pat. xxx

I  treasure your FRIENDSHIP and open heart.  Please visit Pat the Flower at pttyann today!

Rules: Pass it to any number (1-?) of blogger friends U would like to keep in touch for good.

#1: You Are Never Alone

#2: Jaymie

#3 : Jannie

#4: Noha

#5: blissbai

#6: Sandra

#7: Amy Keep up with…

#8: Doraz

#9: Amy Happily Ever After

#10: WaterCircling

#11: megzone

#12: CottageGirl

#12+1: Rajlakshmi

#13: FiveLoaf

#14: WordWand

#15:  Brian Miller

#16: William’s Poetry Blog

#17: Jamericanspice

#18: 2a24

#19: The Doubtful Poet

#20: Chocolate High

#21: KSeverny

#22: SnaggleTooth

#23: Bananaz

#24: Jeanne

#25: Jean Has Been Shopping

Jannie’s Lucky Lupine Poetry Award

Jannie at Jannie Funster gives me this award for our Thursday Poets’ Rally Homecoming week 8, it is so cute and pretty.

I feel very blessed and encouraged when she joins my team. I feel honored and humbled. thank U, Jannie, for your love and kindness, plus endless wisdom, xoxoxo.

Please feel free to visit Jannie at Jannie Funster today, she is a professional song writer and a budding poet in our poets family.

No rules, I would love to pass this delicious and priceless award to fresh poetry friends in the following list, enjoy!

#1: suzicate

#2: Terri

#3: trisha

#4: art

#5: tonydowning

#6: A Leaf in the Breeze

#7: sparrowsong

#8: pttyann

#9:: Viola

#10: David Rheins

#11: Tamarind~

#12: echostains

#12+1: Ruhig

#14: PoetTraveler

#15: thisrainykitten


#17: Brian Truth Is Freedom

#18:  Leslie The Moondustwriter’s Blog

#19: Poetikat

#20: joyislife at

WOW, thank U again! Happy Thursday! 😉 😉 😉

It Is U

It is U

Who packed my room with fresh air;

It is U

Who inspired my writing with a rocking chair.

It is U

Who filled my garden with promising plants;

It is U

Who painted my sky with soaring airplanes.

It is U

Who kept me going by WORDS of encouragement;

It is U

Who offered me hope for writing entertainment.

It is U

Who taught me how to have fun;

It is U

Who showed me how to change water into wine.

It is U

Who fed my soul with motivation;

It is U

Who illustrated about how loving your enemy leads to relaxation!

It is U


Hello, How R  ?

This poem is for Thursday Poets’ Rally Poets’ Homecoming Week poem share. I am grateful for all week 8 participants who are willing to spend time and energy to visit our long list of previous participants and spread love and enthusiasm by offering them an award.

From Jingle at Jingle To !  Because 
























=100, perfect 😉


The above graphics is inspired by Best Friendand Budding Poet  Shakira at

and copyrighted at

Jingle’s Readership Award

This Award is FREE 4 Readers of Jingle, please enjoy your time and feel free to grab it and pass it to your blogging friends or keep it on your file!

Hope that everyone have a winsome Day! 😉 😉 😉

A Poets’ WORDS

A poet’s words are symbolic,

A poet’s words are mute forces,

A poet’s words are telepathically magical,

A poet’s words are jibe choices.

A poet with WORDS

Is like a painter with chisel,

Or a sculptor with stone.


Have FUN! Greetings 2 all poets or poetry fans, U know it better than Jingle!)

😉  😉  😉