Haiku Heights/ABC Wednesday in Sunday Prompts

Coming in a trance,

Tragedies take place in flocks,

Not much can be done.

All of a sudden,

Nature manifests its power,

Winds howl, raindrops prowl.

So little being done,

So much for me to do,

Pardon me, sweet you.

I make many choices,

Yet when tornadoes show blues,

I lose voices and clues.

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One Single Impression

Carry On Tuesday

Sunday Scribbling

Haiku Heights

ABC Wednesday  (T is 4 Tornado, T-storms)

Happy Memorial Day! Prayers to Those who Suffered or Died during natural disasters or wars!

Royal Love in Haikus

Soon, the handsome prince

And the beautiful princess

Will become parents

to their precious child,

Such a royal marriage,

It drives fans wild.

He holds her cute hand,

With his heart beating for three,

Life is music in band.

With her poetic mind,

She writes a sweet note for him,

Love glows in novel flame,



Haiku Heights

Carry On Tuesday

Poets United

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Room 4 Romance IN Haiku Heights

First date, coming nigh,

His face shines with scarlet pride,

Hard not to smile wide.


They meet, right on time,

Side by side, their heartbeats rhyme,

no words, but hot thoughts.


All of a sudden,

big raindrops pour, wetting them,

Befuddled, they hug.


Shyness disappears,

First kiss in romantic tears,

Love survives, Cheers.

Room for Romance (First Date Downpour)

Haiku Heights (Neigh)

Sunday Scribbling (befuddled)

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My Bed Is A Boat

Attached to strings,

Puppets perform on screens,

Stirring up emotions.

Pandas, black and white,

Ignoring the cameras,

With eyes closed tight.

Let your self-defense

Be the most present tense,

Will life make more sense?

My bed is a boat,

Ducks quack, not to be sold,

Let our thoughts freely float.

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Haiku Heights

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