How Old Is William Now?

William is three (3) years older than Mike in 2010,

The sum of the ages of William and Mike are 99 after one year in 2011.

How old is William now?


Hello, How Are You?

I hope that you have fun doing this math problem,

I will let the comment open and good luck!

Happy Math Monday!

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22 thoughts on “How Old Is William Now?

  1. 48 + 51 = 99 William is 3 years older so he’s 51 ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t forgotten about my award honey. I just haven’t had time to post it yet. I will sometime today I promise! I have a meeting at 2 so it will probably be after that.

  2. William is 51 in 2011 and his brother is 48. Can you tell I’ve been helping my dd with her math?

    I gave you the Honest Scrap Award today. Almost gave you the Sunshine Award, but changed my mind.

  3. hhahahah lol what a nice surprise lol, a nice math problem about me… lol well I wont cheat coz being me I know the answer I think lol, brilliant, thanks for making my day xxx

  4. William is 50 years old,
    Mike is 47,

    after one year, William is 51,
    Mike is 48,


    I asked how old is William now?
    Thus he is 50 now,
    he is 51 next year!

    Awesome responses, guys.
    You Rock!

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