I Won’t Be Enraged If Someone Wants to Have Me Discouraged

When iit comes to a war,

There is no absolute right and wrong anymore.


There is revenge and joy for one,

And suffering and grief for the other.

The fight goes on,

The roles change back and forth for years long.

Who is the villain,

Who is the victim?

Who is full of stupidity,

Who is full of wisdom?

Who is just,

Who is not?

Why does one side view the other as inhuman and deserve to be shot?

The question remain,

No one has absolute gain!

I am NO fan of wars,

I have nil interests to possess anything of yours.

I won’t be enraged

If someone wants to have discouraged.

I won’t seek revenge

Even if someone opt to set me up for a challenge.

I will stay out of the picture

If I am humiliated or attacked in the future.

Fighting is no fun at all,

Life is short,

Who not stand tall,

Enjoy watching a game of baseball!

Weekend Funnies Week 1 – A Handful Of Brainstorming Stimuli


Why did the computer have a back ache?


What did the policeman say to his belly?


What goes up but never comes down?


Why are hairdressers fast drivers?


Why are movie stars so cool?


Why did the doctor lose his temper?

Solutions ( have FUN!  😉 😉 ;))

#1:Because it slipped a disk.

#2:You Are Under My Vest!


#4:Because they know all the short cuts.

#5:They have too many fans.

#6:Because he did not have any patients.

Shakira started hosting Weekend Funnies this week,

She invited Jingle to join her, thus here I am.

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