A Blue Fish Is Ready To Play

Deep in the sea,

On a sunny day,

A blue fish is ready to play.


To her dismay,

A shark is coming her way,

The blue fish could become a prey.


Detecting the shark in her harm’s way,

The blue fish sums up her bravery,

And invites the shark to her party next day.


The shark winked to agree,

The blue fish is free

On her way to her favorite bay.


It is another beautiful day,

With the shark guarding the doorway,

A school of fish have bubble cake to pass their day!


Hello, How are You? It is Tuesday, I am supposed to do Haiku, I wrote it as a poem

which is made up of five (5) Haikus, I hope that you enjoy reading it!

Thank You for the time, Happy Tuesday!  🙂  😉  😉