It Is Unsafe When Kids Are Unattended (Sunday Prompts)

Between the dark and the daylight

When the night is beginning to lower

comes a pause in the day’s occupations

that is known as the Children’s Hour

Dad is out of town,

Mom is talking on the phone,

Anna and Amanda playing horse back ride in the living room

When they suddenly hear a “boom”.

There is a bark outside the door,

While Anna pick up her book from the floor,

“Who can that be?”

Anna and Amanda hold hands to flee.

The day is dark outside,

Shivers make the girls’ heart beat like a drum,

It is unsafe when kids are unattended,

Glad to see them going upstairs to be with their Mom.

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What Do You Think of Becoming Bilingual?

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Becoming bilingual or trilingual suggests a great deal of business.

There are more than 100 countries around the world, there exists more than 100 languages. What does it mean? It says that there are more than 100 ways to express “yes”, “no”, “love”…Awesome and scary, right?

The world has become smaller because of the rapid development of modern technology , i. e. internet, the world wide web. Competitions in economy, education, and science are global! To survive the intense wars among countries on important issues, it is vital to be able to speak, or read and understand more than one language.

Network with people from foreign countries is one way to learn about their culture. Some universities have studying aboard programs, which is excellent ways to help students learn about a second language.

Becoming bilingual can be tough, frustrating or disappointing. One has to be persistent and truly loves the new language to be able to succeed!

Becoming bilingual could refer to becoming open minded, which means that you don’t have to actually learn a new language, but you fully understand the benefits of looking at things around the world in at least two different ways…Thus, becoming bilingual may refer to becoming smarter and wiser when it comes to solving problems and handling issues involving at least two parties.

Becoming bilingual is great, if not , at least you know the fact that, your way may not the only way, you will not be upset or surprised when you see other people’s hold different or opposite viewpoint!

Stay open minded, you never lose your cool!

What do you think of becoming bilingual?


Hello, How R U?

Do U know anyone who is bilingual? What do U think of becoming bilingual?

ABC Wednesday (B Is 4…)

Spread Sunshine To Brighten Their Day( 4 Potluck Week 18)

Thanks to Amanda/Kavita 4 The Inspirations,

Week 18 Poetry Potluck Theme: Language, Signs, and Symbols

Amanda’s place is flooded, Prayers…Pay her a visit here:buttercup600

There are floods in an Australia City,

Many a home are destroyed, what a pity.

This is a troubled time,

It’s hard to make poetry rhyme.

Some speak of the language of hope,

While others deal with the aftermath of death;

Faith shall be the surviving rope,

Show mercy to the victims, I confess.

If you are reading this,

You shall feel their pain instead of bliss.

Please send your love to someone of tragic,

Your SIGNS of caring will do the magic.

Life is unpredictable,

Bless the survivors, be visible.

When death threats humans this close,

Send them a fresh rose,

Spread sunshine to brighten their day,

Let compassion lead the way!

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The Mischief Maker Award

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Have A Laugh Today

I am sharing some jokes:

#1: What word is always pronounced wrong?

#2: What do you lose whenever you stand up?

#3: What is very light, but cannot be held for long?

#4: What is the richest kind of air?

#5: Which runs faster, hot or cold?

#6: Why is the calendar so sad?


#1: Wrong

#2: Your lap

#3:____your turn

#4: ____your turn

#5:_____your turn

#6: Because its days are numbered.

It’s Snowing In A Post (4 Potluck Week 18)

Languages, signs, and symbols float everywhere,

They haunt me, refusing to disappear.

It’s snowing in a post,

I spy a white furry ghost.

Words written are foreign,

How to get them translated, it’s forgotten.

I make a click on my mouse,

I see a rocket dropping on my house.

I make another click, carrying fear,

I see a shark flying, coming near.

I hold my breath, shutting the computer down,

A bear pops out of the screen, big and brown.

I try my best to scream,

I find myself shivering in bed, it’s just a dream.

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Week 18 Theme:language, signs, and symbols..

A Pink Talk on Pink Saturday

It’s Saturday,

Let’s Talk!

It’s pink Saturday,

Let’s do some pink stalk!

Do you think

there is no hypo-crispy in Pink?

Wink, Wink,

Don’t ever blink!

You may find illusions

in many pink demonstrations…

A pink sink,

Some pink ink,

Maybe many a pink link…

After all, pink flowers are fun,

pink unicorn is on the run,

The pleasure of loving pink is all mine,

Let’s enjoy it as it makes your life divine.

Nothing is perfect,

Pink is almost perfect.

Think positive pink,

Let’s smile in pink

and do smart talk

as we pass Saturday with some freshly cooked pork.

Six Word Saturday

(Happy Saturday, Smile All The Way!)

Pink Saturday