Poetry Acrostics-Orange

Orange is the color of Fall,

Radiant and reflective to all.

As time goes by,

No doubt its beauty of why.

Gaze into the orange sky,

Exhibit excellence in life and fly.

Alphabe-Thursday-O Is 4 ORANGE

” ACROSTICS ” (Orange)

Thursday Thinking Tank: at Poets United (As time goes by)

37 thoughts on “Poetry Acrostics-Orange

  1. I love orange! It reminds me of the unparalled taste of a ripe orange right off our citrus tree. I also love acrostic poems, they are some of my favorite children’s school assignments, although it’s been years since I attempted one myself.

  2. Jingle, a beautiful expressive poem defining orange so well; it’s interesting I recently knitted a scarf with orange yarn in it resembling the one on your picture. :-)Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Wow…loved the way the colour orange played in Acrostics…hmm…you have changed your Bg too..it looks beautiful.Thanks for your participation in Experimenting Poetry forms Jingle!

  5. These things are fun to make and I know it takes a lot of shifting around until you get something that works. Most of the poems I write have same syllabic count per line, say 10, 12 or 15 and that does takes some crafting to find the precise words you want and make it all fit.

  6. Kora-Leah, thanks for your visit to my blog. I can think of no other successor to the upbeat brilliance of Jingle than you. Your acrostic not only had a nice rhyme scheme, but it fit the prompt well. I write from prompts quite often, because they are a good exercise. My problem is brevity, and your talent in this regard shines. Peace to you and yours, Amy

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