Spread Sunshine To Brighten Their Day( 4 Potluck Week 18)

Thanks to Amanda/Kavita 4 The Inspirations,

Week 18 Poetry Potluck Theme: Language, Signs, and Symbols

Amanda’s place is flooded, Prayers…Pay her a visit here:buttercup600

There are floods in an Australia City,

Many a home are destroyed, what a pity.

This is a troubled time,

It’s hard to make poetry rhyme.

Some speak of the language of hope,

While others deal with the aftermath of death;

Faith shall be the surviving rope,

Show mercy to the victims, I confess.

If you are reading this,

You shall feel their pain instead of bliss.

Please send your love to someone of tragic,

Your SIGNS of caring will do the magic.

Life is unpredictable,

Bless the survivors, be visible.

When death threats humans this close,

Send them a fresh rose,

Spread sunshine to brighten their day,

Let compassion lead the way!

The Sunshine Award

The Mischief Maker Award

Jingle offers her most sincere gratitude to those who support VICTIMS in any natural disasters, and wishing our friends (Amanda/buttercup, her family and friends) in Australia good luck in surviving the plight of floods..God Bless You!

The Sunshine Award and The Mischief Maker Award are given to All Blogging Friends who are supporters of Jingle, Thursday Poets Rally, and Jingle Poetry Community..You Rock! claim the awards after leaving a comment under this post and pay a visit to buttercup600

and a visit to

January 18th, Mia,ย Imagina

Jan. 19th, Sina: http://ssina.wordpress.com

January 19, AlmondJoycie:joycefied.wordpress.com

to wish them Happy (Belated) Birthdays!

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64 thoughts on “Spread Sunshine To Brighten Their Day( 4 Potluck Week 18)

  1. I have a very good friend from Australia, he isn’t where the floods are, but still it’s so sad for all these people! Very sweet of you to dedicate it to Australia!

  2. Happy Birthday to all my poetic friends who spend time exploring the beauty of words in their blogs …and to buttercup ..prayers to you…
    Let God take pity on humans on earth and guard them from natural disaster .Amen

  3. Any natural disaster, any war, anything at all that causes rampant suffering tears the fabric of lives, leaves stitched scars sometimes visible, sometimes not. It anguishes the hearts of all to see suffering…my heart goes out to Brisbane, AU and all areas in the wakes of the floods there. Australia is a beautiful country full of wonderful, resonate, resourceful people, who have great humor and strength. May your strength and your humor carry you through this devastation, and all your furred friends as well.

  4. Jingle – As usual, I’m confused. I won an award two weeks ago and I didn’t think one could win two weeks in a row… You said I had an award, but I ‘m not sure for what. ๐Ÿ™‚ Help me out to understand. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Jingle, you are a wonderful human being and I speak on behalf of so many here…I am going to post this poem of yours on Facebook for all of my Australian friends to see….from the heart I say thank you for your kind words and compassion…know that it means more than words can EVER say. oxoxoxo

  6. That’s a beautiful gesture, my dear Jingle…
    We really appreciate this kind word from you…
    Yes, love and support will go a long way in getting the lives of the victims back on track…

  7. I have nothing to complain about. I watch the destruction in Australia and can’t believe my eyes. So many heart breaking things to watch lately. Prayers for all in need.

    Thanks Jingle…


    1. when thinking of those who suffer from incurable diseases or got hit by natural disasters, we feel more fortunate and

      count our blessings while show some mercy to others…
      Thanks for visiting.

  8. My thoughts are with all those . A very thought provoking poem.
    I cannot begin to imagine what they must be going through and I am glad they have the support of others to keep them afloat in such difficult times.

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