A Pink Talk on Pink Saturday

It’s Saturday,

Let’s Talk!

It’s pink Saturday,

Let’s do some pink stalk!

Do you think

there is no hypo-crispy in Pink?

Wink, Wink,

Don’t ever blink!

You may find illusions

in many pink demonstrations…

A pink sink,

Some pink ink,

Maybe many a pink link…

After all, pink flowers are fun,

pink unicorn is on the run,

The pleasure of loving pink is all mine,

Let’s enjoy it as it makes your life divine.

Nothing is perfect,

Pink is almost perfect.

Think positive pink,

Let’s smile in pink

and do smart talk

as we pass Saturday with some freshly cooked pork.

Six Word Saturday

(Happy Saturday, Smile All The Way!)

Pink Saturday

20 thoughts on “A Pink Talk on Pink Saturday

  1. It’s hard to think,
    When I’m around pink,
    Red roses? I would say,
    Nope, she wanted pink,
    My heart would sink,
    White carnations today?
    Nope, she wanted pink,
    And gave me a wink,
    I could only blink,
    And settle for pink.

  2. This reminded me of a children’s poem I wrote years ago, beginning
    Pretty Polly Perkins
    Always picks pink.
    She washes pink dishes
    In a pretty pink sink. (c) JLS

    The poem ended by saying she went to far when she got pink hair.
    Anyway, I don’t particularly like pink, but enjoyed your thoughts on pink, and hope your hair’s not pink. 🙂

  3. Love your PINK Poem. I posted a poem on pink a few PS ago as well!

    Stop over and share some more poetry with me and enjoy yourself with c cup of coffee or tea!


  4. Jingle you are cordially invited to join my 2zpoint facebook page. I am adding all the friends of 2zpoint to it and there you may post as you please your links or your words for others. It is a chance to know each other better! you are a great friend to me and I wish to share you with everyone else. I have just started inviting others and it is connected to my Twitter account. It should grow exponentially in the coming weeks with my following. Here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=641338563&ref=notif&notif_t=friend_confirmed#!/2zpoint
    I look forward to seeing your friend request. Peace be with you.

      1. In that case, I will post your Events to support this community on the Page in hopes that others will come here! Many do not write poetry…some are artist, journalist and the like however the words of these poets may inspire others to write in rhyme and prose. You have a heart of gold Jingle and I am proud to know you. I will use twitter to connect to these pages as well. Peace be with you.

        1. Hello,

          I am never on facebook, thus please don’t take it personally, I have No time to do online chat or stuff, my major focus is blogging, public commenting, community building….

          as a mater of fact, I am going to slow down on my poets rally and take 2 or 3 weeks off to relax and do some individual development..

          Jingle Poetry Potluck will continue running and we welcome your participation..


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