ABC Poem In 160 Characters

A cup of coffee and a small bowl of cereal with fat free milk,

Bring energy to rest of the day,

Can you resist this?

Don’t shy away,

Enjoy life’s bliss, please!


Sunday 160 hosted by  Monkey Man.

Sunday Poetry Pantry at  Poets United

Poetry Forms hosted by Inside My Poem Book:

Rules :

  • An ABC poem has 5 lines that create a mood, picture, or feeling.
  • Lines 1 through 4 are made up of words, phrases or clauses and the first word of each line is in alphabetical order from the first word.
  • Line 5 is one sentence, beginning with any letter.

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The Celebrate Poet of 2010 Award(s)

The following Poets have won the Celebrate Poet of 2010 Runner-up Award:

Caroline, Cheryl, Orange, Althea, Tigerbrite, Heart, Wordywoman, Artswebshow, Raven, Gigi Ann, Debi, Dakshi, Faith a Geek, Mark , Ebbtide ( 6 votes)

Fearless Dreams, Marian, Neha, Thinking With An Open Mouth, Louise, Lisa, Megaha, Fyodor Lewis, Hema, Jerri, Carl, Living In The Middle, Creation Dreams (5 Votes)

The Juliebook, Madeleine, bkm, Divyam Deserted Roses, D, Anell, Meirozavin, Shaun, Joanny, Thea, Deepika, Glory, Sending Joy, 2zpoint, Gally, Drew, Mase Da Kula ( 4 votes)

Alice’s Wonderland, Southern Musings, I Listened, Moma, Exposed, Wordwand, She Writing, Just Words, Magher, Rony, RJ, Quiet Poetry, One,Love,Lexy, NV, One Writer, Sherrie, Pony Girl, Niroshan, Hailsey, David Brydon, Ogangbesanm Ruth, Shail, Drama, Mory, Splash of Expression ( 3 votes)

The Dark Jasime, A Lump In The Throat, Kim Nelson, Don poet, 1markt, Uncle Tree, Kelleygirl, IBeingMe, jebjeb, The crooked Tree, Still, Irene, run away sentence, Lies, Fashion the Sand, Ellie, Art Happens at 365, Papo, Oinky, Azfree, Geradine, Viola, Adam, Desiree, Peter, Suzicate, Noha, Suz, Little Pieces 2009, Gugo, Dulce, Pamela, Introspeak, Flying Dream poet, Poetry sound bites, Robert L, Play Ground, Suki, Seoulaja, Art and wine (2 votes)

The Following Poets Have won the Celebrate Poet of 2010 Award:

Fiveloaf (35 votes)

Kavita ( 34 Votes)

Olivia ,   Jamie Dedes ( 33 Votes)

Buttercup600 ( 30 Votes)

Leo (Leonnyes), Luke Prater, TALON ( 25 votes)

Deadpoet88 ( 24 votes)

RiikaInfinityy, Jessica, Jingle ( 22 votes)

A.B. Thomas, Mutter Fluka , Scent of my heart ( 21 votes)

Dan, Bodhirose ( 20 votes)

Sumit Sarkar, WordsWorthMillions, Caribbean Fool ( 17 votes)

Someone Is Special, Teresa, Celebrating a Year, Emmanuel Ibok, David Allen Waters, Revbillcook ( 16 votes)

Trisha, Dancingfreak, Booguloo, The Reason You Come, Eric ( 15 votes)

Heather grace stewart, Tasithoughts, ladynimue, Life: Between the lines , industrialarts , liv2write2day ( 14 votes)

Kellie Elmore ( 13 votes)

Rashmi, Sam373,  PinkLady, Robin ellen lucas, Pat Cegan , Megzone, David (1MereMortal),

PurviFrayedges, Tracyhsays, lovelyannie79, Angela ( 12 votes)

Dasuntoucha,  Bella ( 11 votes)

Ms. Peaches, Thoughts Not lost, Tootsie, Dr. Madan, Lu Ann, Imagina, We even cry the same way, Raj, Panda Wolf, Williewizzy, Ina, The Lonely Recluse, Ashbeezone ( 10 votes)

Kodio Deynew, Lauren, Words4afriend, Hedgewitch, M.I. M, Eaton, LeiffyV, Thingy ( 9 Votes)

Shamika, 700 Miles, Wiseskydriver, L, Timeto, Filling a hole, Cha, Martin, Wanjiku, Vibhuti. B, Giovanni ( 8 votes)

Mary Bach, Shashi, Tweety, Nanka, Lu Ann, Sina, David King, Tekia, Dom*, Dennis, Inside My Poem Book, G-man, A Fistful of Moon beams, Imagination, Gemma, Rameshsood, Rachel, Heartspell, Seasweeties, B, Diamondanddogs, Kathe. W, Scott, Strummed Words, Chris. G, Standford Ray, Julie Scott, Cloaked Monk, Flying Monkey ( 7 votes)

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