Via A Child’s Eyes

The purple fairy queen

has risen above the castle to be seen

as a model carrying no sin.


To live and engage,

one must break the  door of the cage

and digest the words of the sage.


Via a child’s detective eyes,

We invent magic and vampires,

creativity shall win over sins.


Monday’s Child

Haiku Heights (sin)

uma.a (Haiku)

16 thoughts on “Via A Child’s Eyes

  1. Ji, Awesome Haikus, what a way to see through a Child’s eyes.. Nice Ji..

    Your blog looks so chill, pleasant background, cool widgets,Sharing features enabled.. Wow.. Superb Ji..

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    Someone is Special

  2. The world is not rust and bones and terrible things,
    To a child who believes in angel wings,
    A world of magic and beauty reigns,
    Where people can be trusted and wars don’t exist,
    Everybody has food they can’t resist,
    And always there’s a cure for aches and pains,
    The world for children is innocent and sweet,
    That’s where I think we should stop and meet,
    And see the world through the eyes of a child,
    Filled with wonder and love, without any guile.

  3. Jingle this piece had a lovely moral, fantastic…I will continue the prompt as so many responsed this morning…thank you for your support as always…blessings…bkm

  4. We’re in the deep of a lovely ocean today Jingle. I like it. Diving is my favorite thing to do.
    Anyway…nice poem through a child’s eyes and mind.

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