The Day In July

In a book the day

is a glimpse of blue,

In a map the day

gives a pin-point clue.


On the tongue the day

is a watermelon of sweet,

In the face the day

is a pool of heat.


On the phone the day

is a wave of light,

In the eye the day

shatters like glass in sight.

Carry On Tuesday (In my head, I paint a picture…)

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A++ Playmates

Berry creek,

Pink Cheek,


real quick.


A cute dog,

A lovely woman,

Two biking girls do self talk,

Their spirits are zen.


Baseball field,

Kid’s playground,

Crowds wailed.

Balls making cracking sound.


Rocky plates,

Watchful eyes,

A++ playmates,

“A home run”, someone cries.

ABC Wednesday (A…)

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See WHo Is Napping In Woods (Sunday Prompts, Please Join Poetry Potluck Today)

Green pines laugh in the breeze,

Red lilies grin in the rain,

Squirrels jump to a race,

Satellites launch to outer space.

Z Z z z z….

See who is napping in woods,

M M m m m…

Discover beauty in nature’s truth;

Seasons of changes,

Shifts of gears;

Ebbs and flows of growth,

The conquer of fears;

Live Life in FREE verse,

Experiment poetry in reverse;

The world is a busy place,

Let’s embrace and re-measure our pace.

One Single Impression  (Respect)

Sunday Scribbling (Woods)

ABC Wednesday (Z…)

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Alphabe-Thursday (M)

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My Candle Burns At Both Ends

My candle burns at both ends,

Not sure how to identify true friends;

Life moves on without a hitch,

WHY care about which is witch;

If I bury all sorrows in a crater,

Won’t things look much better?

One Single Impression

Carry On Tuesday

Sunday Scribbling

ABC Wednesday (Y=Why)

Poets United

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Magpie Tales

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A True Story (Short Story Slam Week 3, Poetry Potluck Week 39, ABC Wednesday on V)

Orphaned at a young age,

Kevin lived with Robin, a girl his parents helped to engage.

Belittling Kevin’s poeverty status,

Robin is determined to marry someone rich and powerful,

So, Kevin is isolated in a study near Bluebell Lake, feeling painful.


Kevin has turned into a handsome scholar all girls would adore,

He longs to see Robin, but fails to get the chance,

Thus loneliness drives him to the lake shore,

Where he reciites poetry to the fish that prance.


A carp spirit enjoys listening to Kevin’s brilliant words ever since,

She decides to turn into human form to meet her prince,

Dressed up exactly like Robin,

She paid him a visit and her beauty melted Kevin.


During a new year’s celebration,

Robin’s family saw something terrifying:

Kevin and “Robin” act like a married pair,

How can Robin disgrace her family with such unapproved love affair.


What Robin’s parents did not know about this lifeful storm,

is that “Robin” is actually the carp spirit’s human form:

Now they have two daughters to identify,

Sorrow hits them like swallowing a dead fly.


Both Robin claim to be true,

But only one Robin cares about Kevin, that’s the clue.

The case is reported to the King,

An official is sent to clear up everything.


Fake “Robin” is forgiven for her fault,

And given permission to remain human to marry Kevin as a result;

True Robin regrets what she has done,

She becomes friend of Kevin and his wife, and they have fun.

Short Story Slam week 3,

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ABC Wednesday (V is 4 victory to the innocent/kind souls)


Haiku Heights/ABC Wednesday in Sunday Prompts

Coming in a trance,

Tragedies take place in flocks,

Not much can be done.

All of a sudden,

Nature manifests its power,

Winds howl, raindrops prowl.

So little being done,

So much for me to do,

Pardon me, sweet you.

I make many choices,

Yet when tornadoes show blues,

I lose voices and clues.

Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry

One Single Impression

Carry On Tuesday

Sunday Scribbling

Haiku Heights

ABC Wednesday  (T is 4 Tornado, T-storms)

Happy Memorial Day! Prayers to Those who Suffered or Died during natural disasters or wars!