A Pink Talk on Pink Saturday

It’s Saturday,

Let’s Talk!

It’s pink Saturday,

Let’s do some pink stalk!

Do you think

there is no hypo-crispy in Pink?

Wink, Wink,

Don’t ever blink!

You may find illusions

in many pink demonstrations…

A pink sink,

Some pink ink,

Maybe many a pink link…

After all, pink flowers are fun,

pink unicorn is on the run,

The pleasure of loving pink is all mine,

Let’s enjoy it as it makes your life divine.

Nothing is perfect,

Pink is almost perfect.

Think positive pink,

Let’s smile in pink

and do smart talk

as we pass Saturday with some freshly cooked pork.

Six Word Saturday

(Happy Saturday, Smile All The Way!)

Pink Saturday

Pink Grace With Faith…

Pink Saturday!

Lots of Laughter (Flip)

Haiku Heights (Faith)


I love both faith and grace,

They take me many a place

And make my day a true bliss.

^ – ^

In a dancing way,

They fill me with pride

and keep me stay inside.

^ -^

I enjoy spending time home

reading many an online poem,

Faith is the catalyst of grace.

^ -^

I’s content not to be loud,

Gracing indoors makes me feel proud,

Pink grace with faith, no flip flop, no doubt!

This blog Jingle started on November 28, 2009, last Sunday was the one year blogging anniversary and I was late in celebrating it…Happy Belated Blogging to Jingle…

Everyone is welcome to join in for a piece of cake!

Happy Sunday 2 You All!

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