Saturday Writing Challenge in Sunday 160 (26 words)


Jenny Matlock today for Saturday Centus, Glad to stump over there and see the prompt offer today, rule: no images, words only, and  25 words or less plus 5 words given, that’s 30 words or less…wow, here it goes! (160 characters, 26 words)

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I’m not getting any younger,

Yet feeling upset no longer;

Sentence yourself to live,

Beat the odds of bitterness;

Focus on what I achieve,

Cherish selflessness.

Sunday 160 in Sunday Prompts

Figure fruits,

Whole milk;

Grape juice,

Cool joke.


Coloring books,

Nursery rhymes,

Cute looks,

Quality times.




A rainbow


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Sunday 160-Sunday Keeps Me Busy

Sunday keeps me busy:

Sunday 160 is cute to play,

Potluck plus Poetry Pantry

are too delicious to betray.

Poems fly like dumplings,

I enjoy Sunday Scrabbling(s).


What can you say in 160 characters? (spaces included)

Check it out on  Monkey Man.

I used the character calculator

Also Submitted to Poets United (Sunday Poetry Pantry)

Sunday Scribbling (What A Difference A Day Makes)

Sunday 160-I Wonder When She Ever Learns

I wonder when she ever learns

Not to spill beans…

She truly understands what my message means,

But cannot help herself,

Then one day she turned into an elf.

What can you say in 160 characters? (Spaces included)

Check it out on  Monkey Man.

This is linked to Poetry Pantry and Lots of Laughter (Spill)

Sunday 160-I Gaze At Trees In Breeze

He cries

4 French fries,

She spends


With Friends

Watering flowers,

U sat still

On a hill,

I gaze

At trees

In breeze,

We love to stay

A day

Near the bay.


What can you say in 160 characters? (spaces included)

Check it out on Monkey Man.

This is linked to  Poetry Pantry at Poets United

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