Spread Sunshine To Brighten Their Day( 4 Potluck Week 18)

Thanks to Amanda/Kavita 4 The Inspirations,

Week 18 Poetry Potluck Theme: Language, Signs, and Symbols

Amanda’s place is flooded, Prayers…Pay her a visit here:buttercup600

There are floods in an Australia City,

Many a home are destroyed, what a pity.

This is a troubled time,

It’s hard to make poetry rhyme.

Some speak of the language of hope,

While others deal with the aftermath of death;

Faith shall be the surviving rope,

Show mercy to the victims, I confess.

If you are reading this,

You shall feel their pain instead of bliss.

Please send your love to someone of tragic,

Your SIGNS of caring will do the magic.

Life is unpredictable,

Bless the survivors, be visible.

When death threats humans this close,

Send them a fresh rose,

Spread sunshine to brighten their day,

Let compassion lead the way!

The Sunshine Award

The Mischief Maker Award

Jingle offers her most sincere gratitude to those who support VICTIMS in any natural disasters, and wishing our friends (Amanda/buttercup, her family and friends) in Australia good luck in surviving the plight of floods..God Bless You!

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