Life Is No Fun Without Z (Z Is 4 Z-Axis, N Is 4 No)










X-axis is lonely,

Y-axis is lovely;

When two of them form a right angle,

They have built a plane, solid like a triangle.

X-Y plane is strong but flat,

soon they begin to  dream of something more than that;

Z-axis is lonely,

XY-plane is lovely,

When three of them work together to form a family,

They constitute a beautiful space in geometry.

Thus, x-axis is cute,

xy-plane is cuter,

and xyz cubic space is the cutest.

please look at the graphs above,

Enjoy a good laugh!

Life is no fun without z,

you got to learn you a-b-c!


ABC Wednesday,  Z


Life Is A Journey ( 4 Poetry Potluck Week 17)

Thanks to Amanda/Kavita 4 The Inspirations,

Week 17 Theme: Journey and The Road Ahead


Life is a journey,

The path ahead is by no means smooth or shiny;

When days are rainy,

The road may by slippery and blinding;

when days are sunny,

The road may be narrow and winding;

There maybe ocean to cross,

There maybe mountains to pass,

You have to keep the course sailing,

Either you are driving or flying.

Say NO to road rages,

Say NO to drunk driving,

Check the forecast,

Research the past,

Travel with care,

Enjoy the views along the way and SHARE!

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Poetry Potluck (Journey and the Road ahead)