It’s Snowing In A Post (4 Potluck Week 18)

Languages, signs, and symbols float everywhere,

They haunt me, refusing to disappear.

It’s snowing in a post,

I spy a white furry ghost.

Words written are foreign,

How to get them translated, it’s forgotten.

I make a click on my mouse,

I see a rocket dropping on my house.

I make another click, carrying fear,

I see a shark flying, coming near.

I hold my breath, shutting the computer down,

A bear pops out of the screen, big and brown.

I try my best to scream,

I find myself shivering in bed, it’s just a dream.

Poetry Potluck

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Happy Sunday!

Week 18 Theme:language, signs, and symbols..

47 thoughts on “It’s Snowing In A Post (4 Potluck Week 18)

  1. Oooohh…chilling!! Very nicely worded, Ji… kept me hooked! Created all kindsa scary images… but in the end I was relieved it was just a dream.. whew!!!

  2. Dreams are funny things!

    …you captured them well. I read this thinking how odd it was that it went from one random thing to another, then at the end I realised it was a dream and it all made sense because that is exactly what dreams do! Nice one ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. What a dream….seems so unreal, i would have shreiked and run down stairs to the security guard out of fear lol (yeah…i live alone and i am a scardy cat)…….
    I like the “click” before every new element in the dream ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I just remember the Visayan song entitled; “Ulan Gikan sa Kalangitan” (Rain from Heaven). The song is telling a story about a man who have a date with a beautiful woman but when the man was about to embrace the woman he was awaken and he found out that it was a dream, and he has having a high a fever. Its quite a funny song and they have something in common with your lines “I try my best to scream,
    I find myself shivering in bed, itโ€™s just a dream.” I enjoyed so much while reading your craft Jingle.

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