More Than One Single Impression (Poetry Potluck Welcomes You!)

Poets are sensitive souls

who have solid goals,

They are haunted by sadness

and end up in madness.

Solutions solve problems,

Keys unlock doors,

How things work out,

It depends on concrete situations of yours.

Never surrender to bumble bees,

No fear of rambling weeds,

Provide shades to lazy cows,

Offer friendship to lonely owls.

running water is never stale,

A door-hinge never gets worm-eaten,

As long as the green mountains are there,

One need not worry about firewood.

Fishing fish,

Baking bacon,

Guarding garden,

Seizing season.

One Single Impression

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It Is Unsafe When Kids Are Unattended (Sunday Prompts)

Between the dark and the daylight

When the night is beginning to lower

comes a pause in the day’s occupations

that is known as the Children’s Hour

Dad is out of town,

Mom is talking on the phone,

Anna and Amanda playing horse back ride in the living room

When they suddenly hear a “boom”.

There is a bark outside the door,

While Anna pick up her book from the floor,

“Who can that be?”

Anna and Amanda hold hands to flee.

The day is dark outside,

Shivers make the girls’ heart beat like a drum,

It is unsafe when kids are unattended,

Glad to see them going upstairs to be with their Mom.

image credit: Monday’s Child


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I Saw An Angel In My Room Today (4 Potluck Week 15)

I saw an angle in my room today,

Her gown was pink and grey;

She smelled sweet

with magical glow under her feet.


I saw an angel in my room today,

Her hair was sparkling brown;

She brought in a soft breeze,

and some magical tricks to grace my place.

One Single Impression:  stillness

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