Weekend Funnies Week 3—There Once Was A Girl Named Daisy

There once was a girl named Daisy,

She was well known for being lazy.

She would not take any shower

Or wipe her mouth with a paper towel;

She would not brush her teeth

Or say a friendly phrase such as PLEASE;

She would not work or study hard,

Thus she is not given a credit card;

She refuses to listen

And she gets punished often;

She never wins

Because she complains.

“She is slothful.”

“She is sinful.”

People avoid her as if she is trash

That worth No cash.

Until she develops a crush

On a man who makes a liviing with his paint brush.

Daisy becomes less crazy,

Once she stops being lazy,

Love has her empowered,

and she learns to have herself showered,

She is properly dressed

And has her man impressed.

Daisy tries hard

And wins his heart.

“She is beautiful,”

“She is mindful.”

People greet her as if she is a queen

Who is sharp and keen.

Daisy’s story fills people with laughter,

After she and her man have lived happily after.


Hello, How are You?

This poem is Jingle’s work of fiction,

I hope that YOU have fun reading it.

Happy Saturday!

😉 🙂 😉

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20 thoughts on “Weekend Funnies Week 3—There Once Was A Girl Named Daisy

  1. hahhahaha how funny was this dear, u rock, this made my evening or rather morning lol, thanks for making me smile, my post will be done tomorrow as I have nothing pre written, love ya and keep smilin xxx

    ps thanks for including me in the link I appreciate it xx

  2. I think about linking you up,
    When I try to find your link,
    I saw your previous two comments,
    thus I clicked and spent a few minutes in your blog searching for your weekend funnies posts…


  3. That was so funny! I’ve been sick sweetie so I’ve had my posts scheduled. My Hooray for Saturday post will be up at midnight my time. If I’m still awake I’ll add your link then otherwise it will be in the morning 🙂

  4. I love this funny poem jingle. Daisy wouldn’t last long at my house. Being Lazy is a big “NO, NO!” LOL

  5. This is SO AWESOME! Poor Daisy, I am so glad my name is not Daisy! lol I will link both of you up… Thanks for such a fun poem… a great Saturday morning laughter…… hugs,shakira

  6. Never say bad things
    When you never know about tomorrow
    Reality can change
    With a wink of an eye

    Love can make people
    Going crazy funny and hopeless
    Rich people poor people
    There is a line of difference

    Never judge a book by its cover
    We never know what is inside….
    Only when we listen and learn
    Something good flourishing in our minds

    Daisy can be any one
    Living in the days of a life
    When it takes an enthusiasm
    Transformation will draw the line

    Though there is a message
    Love can triumph until reality bites
    In between there will be sufficient time
    To make the illusory images right

    27/3/10 10.58am take care

    1. Dear Ji 🙂

      I am glad to hear of Daisy,
      there are Daisys everywhere.
      Some are diligent not lazy,
      some take time
      to comb their hair.

      For every Daisy there’s a Dandy,
      he it is who primps and poses
      never caring he looks vain,
      always thinking he supposes
      Daisy’s everywhere will crane
      their heads to see him, see his ego,
      floating on his silly head,
      like some elongated bagel
      near to brain that’s mainly bread.

      Dandys need a bit of loving,
      but their conceit needs a shoving!
      if a Daisy wants a chance
      to muscle in on a Dandy’s dance.

      John 😉

  7. ahahaha.
    it’s good for daisy that she met the painter.
    sometimes, we really should have someone special out there to make us a better person. 😉

    how are you Jingle?
    good day! (♥♥)

  8. This so reminded me of “The Man Who Didn’t Wash His Dishes” by Phyllis Krasilovsky. Very clever poem and fun…and it did make me smile and after such a long day I needed that!

  9. This is funny and emotional. We never can tell how much powers we have to liberate an imprisoned heart until we try to. Imagine if the painter said he’s just an ordinary painter, I’m sure daisy would have been neglected till death. Nice post, it brings awareness to readers’ mind. cheers!

  10. hey… nice poem… gud… gr8… keep up… worth reading.. :)… so by the way i wanted to ask THURSDAY RALLY something… what’s it all about and how to participate in it??? please let me know…

    Phalgunn Maharishi,
    Direktdilze – http://www.direktdilze.wordpress.com

    1. Dear PM:

      If you want to be in,
      it is simple:

      comment under my week 12 (next Wednesday) post to let me know,
      post a poem in your own blog on Wednesday or Thursday,
      visit and comment on a minimum 12 blogs that are new to you, since you are fresh, you visit 12 participants from my list,
      after you are done, comment to let me know….
      in addition,
      when some other poets comment for you, you must return favors…

      please let me know your other questions,
      here is one link you shall read carefully, no need to do it every week, but welcome any time when you are ready,


      please read the link when you are free…

  11. poor poor Daisy
    for needing a man
    to make her less lazy.

    daisy needs to find her self
    to find her wealth
    her self.

    She’ll find her inner stellar
    Without any feller!

  12. This is very beautiful,my friend!
    I love the story! 🙂
    Very optimistic words!!
    10X for sharing it!! 🙂

    Have a magnificent day!!! 😉

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