All The Way To San Diego Zoo

Jingle took a picture when her car enters the great state of California, U. S. A.

Jingle loves These trees, they are not seen in other part of the country

A Photo Shot of San Diego Zoo Entrance  by Jingle

Pandas in the zoo by Jingle

Guess Who is this and where is she, Good Luck!


Hello, How are YOU?

This is a Post for Family Fridays hosted by

Amy Amy@Keeping up with the Schultz Family

Lori Peterson~St. Louis

William Shakira , plus Jingle are Family Friday supporter:


Shakira The Kwok – Linehan Family

Hope that you enjoy your visit here, and make sure visit the above links to see how family comes in different shapes and sizes, but love is the core to tie a family together!

Thank YOU for the beautiful feedback s and

Happy Family Friday!

😉 😉 😉

70 thoughts on “All The Way To San Diego Zoo

  1. Good morning dear Sunbeam!
    What a beautiful baby and mother!
    – How wonderful to see this! 🙂
    ..and the photos from the great
    state of California are brilliant!
    I was a a Johnito when I was there.
    How time flies when we are having fun!
    I LOVE your pages dear Jingle
    (I love you too for all you do : D
    …but don’t tell any one else, it’s a seekwet! 😀

    Johnito Grownup 🙂

      1. Jingle, you inspire kindness!
        Your heart is a treasure of caring and happiness.
        It is such an honor to know you!


        1. In general, I am off line this time,
          only my kids and I are home for the weekend,
          thus I logged on again!

          I admire your talent and good will in looking at me, I have fears to communicate if you are too lovely, because i fear of disappointing friends such as you…

          please enjoy your time and cool off the praise on me.
          I am plain like water,
          I use No makeup,
          I spend zero penny for nail polish,
          I wear T-shirts and cotton skirts,
          I prefer to be ordinary than be fancy,
          I am easy to please,
          I laugh a lot because
          my happiness comes from my inner satisfaction and fulfillment,
          I am excited when people reflect positively,
          I spend zero time worrying or being mad,
          I always move on
          and let go,
          I am plain like water,
          after a long time,
          some people may think I am boring,
          I do love challenges,
          creative writing challenges,
          math challenges,
          humor challenges,

          thank you, thank everyone for all the praises and fun!


          1. You are YOU,
            your inner beauty flows
            from heart and mind,
            from top to toes.

            You are YOU,
            and who YOU are
            is a blaze of light
            from soul’s deep jar.

            What YOU do
            is who YOU are….

            …. a beautiful kind amazing and wonderful human being. 🙂

  2. Pretty pics. I’ll bet you had lots of fun. have a lovely weekend. I’m going to the mountains for a little rest and relaxation.

  3. a great supise for me last I have a mental picture of the geat Jingle and the picture of her cute baby as a bonus.thanks my fiend for the pictues ;visiting the zoo is one of my favorite pastime activities.I hope you had nice moments in san diego .

  4. Beautiful pictures, and you my dear are a very beautiful and young lady. You also have a beautiful baby. I must say I too was surprised to see a picture of you, but it was a nice surprise. I too love going to the zoo.

  5. wwoooww…
    awesome clicks Ji..
    the pandas look as cute in reality as in the cuddly soft toys 😀

    and the last one is JI with her bonny baby 😀

  6. Heyyyy Jingle that’s you!!!! I got it right!!! 😀 😀 Beautiful photo’s I enjoyed them all,Jingle you are so cute.
    Love ya “Happy Friday”

  7. you are more beautiful than I imagined u were, knowing ur soul is good was enough now we finally see the lady with the brains lol, the pictures were incredible, the day looked beautiful, fun place to visit, thanks a million for posting these excellent family friday pics xxx

    1. William:

      a friend asked me of my personal photo via email two days ago, her request reminds me that no matter what I do, something is missing, people are curious about my life and what i look like, well, that’s what I did today!
      no more question, I am grateful for those who have respected me for keeping my personal life apart from my blog, but , well, it saves me time when I do a post like this, no more personal email correspondences about my physical look…

      Not showing my picture does not mean i have no brain, people have different priorities, my blog is not initially planned to do anything personal, but over the past 17 weeks, I was questioned, asked, assumed about the reasons why I use Jingle instead of Ji, why I am pure imaginary not factual…

      thank you for the positive comments.
      Happy Friday!

      1. I really think that YOU should not let people pressure you to do anything you feel you are not ready to share. THAT is what friends would do. I only put out pictures of my family and I that were already on the net… like Kaj. Others, like pictures of my daughters, they do not wish to be on the net and I HIGHLY respect that.

        Do what you are happy with, Jingle…

        You have such a wonderful HEART , that is ALL THAT MATTERS to ME.

        hugs with love,

  8. Wooow.I think that you spend there beautiful moments 😉
    Thank you for remember me a special day that i spend it with someone kind a the zoo 🙂

    Have fun!!! 🙂

        1. Alina:

          how do I know?
          I comment too much?
          Someone reported me as spam…?
          This Tuesday, all my comments went spam, but now those blogs with their bloggers draging me out from the spam folder got me cool again,
          the only way for me to comment for you again is for you to approve those comment hidden in your folder, if not, the system will identify me, confirms me as a spamer, thus I may not live in your blog again!

          Trisha, Adam, Doraz, Jamie, Inspired Syntax, Megzone, Poettraveller, …they saved me from staying in the dark, now I can comment and it is alive on their blogs, thus I am free to comment for these…
          No obligations!

          1. I tried something new now and hope to go this time 😉
            If doesn’t work i will try other thing!! 😉

            Have a wonderful day,my dear!!! 🙂

            1. Wow,
              you saved me!
              I commented three, they popped up properly,
              thank you for the support!
              you are coolest girl,
              sweet, beautiful, smart, and unbeatable!

  9. happy friday jingle. i love the zoo. what great pics! we are planning a family trip to the DC zoo in about 3 weeks when the boys are on break…have a wonderful weekend!

    1. there are many visitors, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to walk to the zoo from where my car is parked,
      amazing place,
      people get in long lines to see the pandas in the panda house…

      you can type in San Diego zoo in google and check it out online about it,
      thank you for the question!

  10. Looks like you had a great time at the San Diego Zoo. Thank you so much for visitng my blog and leaving a comment. I think this Family Friday will be really a lot of fun.

  11. I love the San Diego Zoo. It’s been YEARS since I’ve been there but it still looks incredible! Great pics sweetie and a beautiful picture at the end 🙂

  12. Oh my goodness! They have pandas! We do not have pandas here at the St. Louis Zoo. And those trees are beautiful…and so are you! Thank you for sharing today. You have made me want to visit other zoos and see what they have!! Have a great weekend!

    Big hugs to you!

  13. What a fun post. I am so happy you came and joined in. I am sorry again I have not been by. I am not sure if it my computer or blogger that will not let me on. I was trying to get on all day long and finally got on..
    Yeah.. Have a great weekend. YOu are way too kind to me.. Thanks..

  14. hi Jingle!
    Oh my!
    Is that you on the last picture?
    you’re so lovely! (♥♥)

    thank you for sharing that photo of yours! 😉

  15. Everyone I know who has gone to the SD Zoo has raved about it. Glad your family got to enjoy it. Have a nice weekend!

  16. hello jingle its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow the zoo!!! my mama and dada ar members and can go their wenever they want and yoo no wot??? they havent been their in munths and munths!!! silly mama and dada!!! ok bye

    1. Dearest Jannie:

      you are the record breaking beautiful and creative blogger,
      I look up at you,
      you are kind and your words move me …


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