Weekend Funnies Week 3—There Once Was A Girl Named Daisy

There once was a girl named Daisy,

She was well known for being lazy.

She would not take any shower

Or wipe her mouth with a paper towel;

She would not brush her teeth

Or say a friendly phrase such as PLEASE;

She would not work or study hard,

Thus she is not given a credit card;

She refuses to listen

And she gets punished often;

She never wins

Because she complains.

“She is slothful.”

“She is sinful.”

People avoid her as if she is trash

That worth No cash.

Until she develops a crush

On a man who makes a liviing with his paint brush.

Daisy becomes less crazy,

Once she stops being lazy,

Love has her empowered,

and she learns to have herself showered,

She is properly dressed

And has her man impressed.

Daisy tries hard

And wins his heart.

“She is beautiful,”

“She is mindful.”

People greet her as if she is a queen

Who is sharp and keen.

Daisy’s story fills people with laughter,

After she and her man have lived happily after.


Hello, How are You?

This poem is Jingle’s work of fiction,

I hope that YOU have fun reading it.

Happy Saturday!

😉 🙂 😉

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