Can U B Perfect?

Perfectionism steals your heart

Like a cheating mate,

It makes your life fall apart

By falsely sealing your fate.


It slaps U on the face

Like a losing hand,

It leaves no trace

As if it is wind.


“The homework is too tough,”

“The music is too loud,”

“U did not perform good enough

To buoy the mood of the crowd.”


Did U hear that?

Can U tolerate that?

Criticism keeps flying everywhere,

When being perfect is the only thing people care.


When U allow perfectionism to make U whine,

U lose all the fun.

U must put this to an end,

Because U deserve the freedom to live, love, break, and mend.


Hello, How R U today?

Can U B Perfect?

Let me know how perfectionism could ruin the nature of rainy, sunny, and cloudy days in life.

thank U so very much.  Jingle wishes U A Very Sunny and Funny Saturday! 😉 😉 😉

One Can Or Could Survive Anything or Everything With Love

It can happen at any moment of your life,

But your heart reigns

Delicate petals of rebirth

When spring sings

Of life and snow mass

Melts and moist the mother earth.


It rains

fish, frogs, and showers,

It brings

hope, wishes, and flowers.

It contains

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black, and purple,

It swings

Freshness, festivals, and feasts toward people.

It could happen in August or September,

But the open of the heart to life

Has the best chance to be nurtured to remember,

When winter ends

And spring sings


One can

Or could



Or everything

With love. 😉

It Is A Mircale

It is a miracle

That at the right time,

WORDS fly like a missile,

poems are born to rhyme.


Inspirations descend from the Heaven,

As natural as the volcanic eruption,

Imagines of WORDS are magically woven,

Leaving U No other option.


As soon as the title is jotted down,

U R compelled to move on.

A poem is born, what a joy,

It is as fresh as a newborn baby, for all to enjoy.