I Spy A Ghost Looking At My Post

I spy a man greeting a hen,

I spy a fox hiding in a box,

I spy a goat sailing a boat,

I spy a frog sleeping on a log,

I spy an actor beaming at his contractor,

I spy a cat snoring on a mat,

I spy a star dancing from afar,

I spy the moon napping at noon,

I spy a cook selling a book,

I spy a whale sitting inside a pail,

I spy a hen writing with a pen,

I spy some cash under some trash,

I spy a word carved on a sword,

I spy a bunny scratching his tummy,

I spy a ghost looking at my post, 😉 🙂 😉

I spy_________________________.

Did you spy anything? Please let me know, Thank YOU and Happy Spying Sunday! 😉 😉 😉

When It Is Time To Bite The Bullet

Everyone has one’s own personal mission statement. Feelings, affections, respect, honesty, trust, and values can never be imposed . It is impossible for one to force water run up hills. You know your dreams, desires, and needs.

When you get into relation crisis, you shall know that there are always two parties involved.

A positive, promising, happy relation or friendship may last for a period of time only.

It is possible that you are enjoying what you have so much in a current relation, you think that everything is perfect, you start to cook up huge plans for future closeness in your head, but the other person begins to cool off by ignoring, complaining, even verbal abusing your words or doings. You believe that if you work hard, prove your own innocence, and tolerate all wrong doings from the other person, things will get better. But you find yourself getting ever more negative feedback. What shall you do?

You must bite the bullet, and let go.

I will use WORDS to show you how:




Step Back,

See it in the third party’s eyes,

Send out orders for yourself to follow,

Surmount obstacles,

Say goodbye,

Sail on,

Surpass surmises from environments


Seek novel friendships or partners again.




Pull out,


Put priority into perspective and practice,

Perform by picking up pieces,

Push for healing,

Pass the pensive page,

Partake the prizes,


Pleased to explore pleasure in people again.


Both #1 and #2 say the same thing, you must stay calm when it comes to end your relations with your friends, your coworkers, or your colleagues, especially it is the other party who decides to leave you for good. Stalking, emailing, or phoning in attempting to remain connected are not going to work. It only makes the other party feel worse about you.

Make no mistakes, friends. Let go, never ever compromise or cost your dignity.   Protect your dignity, keep it and you are the winner. 😉

Always walk with your head holding high and proud. Move on and explore your new happiness when it is time to bite the bullet.


Hello, friend, how are  YOU today?

This post is about letting go if the other party in your relationship or friendships has made a decision to leave you, (marriage cases are excluded here please).  Hope that you share your reflections with me.

Today, I want to ask you a bizarre but important question:

Before you comment on Jingle or other people’s blogs, Do YOU read “About Me” first? thank YOU for the time, 😉 😉 ;).

Mindful Math


The operation m * n is defined as: m * n= (m + 1)n

What is the value of  4 * 3 ?

A. 12

B. -125

C. 1

D. 27

E. 125


Hello, Everyone. How are you today? Do you mind doing some math for fun?

Please apply the number into the formula provided above on the right hand side of the equation to get the solution, * means operation, not refer to multiple or times in arithmetic or elementary math, choose a Letter with corresponding number to answer it.

Thank You in advance.

The Answer is E-125.


Poet Traveler:


Richard Wiseman Blog:


Let Compassion Be Your Compass


Day in, Day out,

You are bewildered about

What are the reasons

Or causes

That tragedy hits your places

And leave you with little choices.


Winter ends, Spring arrives,

You must accept the drives

For Changes

So that you discover hapiness.

As you are ready to face realities,

You will be installed with renewed energies.


Day in, Day out,

There shall be nothing to worry about.

Welcome season’s changes,

Overcome all the adversities,

Let compassion be your compass,

Which leads you to renaissance.


Whenever you suffer,

Bend and stretch your mind

like acrobats,

Pray and be kind,

Grow strength among those painful parts,

Doubts, calamity, and animosity will be gone like wind.


Hello, Everyone, How are you today?

Time flies, it is Thursday again, I wrote this poem in corresponding to Thursday Poets’ Rally week 3.

Let me know what you think of compassion in life by filling in the blank with one sentence, Thank YOU in advance.

Compassion is________________________________.

You can make a difference in lives of many people, I value Your participations dearly. 😉 🙂 😉

You Can Make A Difference

WORDS are written

As an expression,

WORDS are spoken

Via communication.

Some WORDS do wonders,

While other WORDS do damages.

Friendships grow

If your WORDS glow.

Choose WORDS wisely,

Utilize WORDS brightly.

Make everyday a holiday,

Let the WORDS you say

Lead the way

Take you to a heavenly bay… 😉 😉


Hello, how are you today?

Never, ever underestimate the power of yourself as a human being. You exist for a good reason, and you touch people’s lives through your WORDS in a way you may never recognize or believe you could.

Believe it or not, you are a shining star, you sparkle and twinkle beautifully above, your being alive blesses people with hope, warmth, and the reasons to go on.

You may feel lonely, bored, scared, confused, sick, wronged, or even desperate at times,  but you have managed to be where you are now, you are a winner, and you have showed others that, life can be tough or cruel at times, yet, everyone can win by staying alive and hoping for better.

You cherished your days because you have made efforts to care for others, you live with No regret because you give without thinking about receive, …you care, you understand, and you know you can make a difference in other people’s lives, you have pride in yourself and that’s what matters.


PS: While we admire and appreciate those who rushed to Haiti to rescue and help those troubled civilians after January 13, 2010 earthquake, we shall also appreciate those media reporters,  artists, and writers who employed their WORDS in literature to pass the news out and offer hope and resources to support the survivors. Everyone is special, everyone can make a difference in other people’s lives, that’s my point in this post.

Let me know What Is The Most Beautiful Word from your personal perspective!

Thank YOU! 😉 😉 🙂

When Hot And Cold Air Clashes (Hot Summer Haiku 1-10)


When hot and cold air clashes,

Thunders roll,

Lightening flashes.


The Sun

Has fun

Painting you tan. 😉


I wish I may,

I wish I might,

I wish for a pool to swim in tonight.


Like fire,

The sun bakes

While you hunger for snow-cakes.


A swimming pool

Is a tool

To stay cool.


A lightning bug is a firefly

Who winks at a butterfly

And teases at a dragonfly.


I eat a peach

Before I teach

At a beach.


The sky is blue,

The clouds are white,

The sun screams with burning sunlight.


When the day is hot,

Fish go hide under water

In the deepest spot.


Summer is tall

In comparison

with Spring and Fall.


Hello, How are you today?

I miss summer time when the day is icy cold and the road is bad for driving.

I share ten (10) hot summer Haiku with you today, hope that you enjoy it.

Let me know if you find your favorite one among the list above. Thank you and have a beautiful spring day. 😉 😉