Amy’s Place Is Full Of Grace!

Hello, Everyone, How R U?

Today I want to introduce, recognize, and offer praises to my dearest blogging friend

Amy at Keeping Up With the Schultz FamilyAmy Schultz, Why?

As U and I enjoy the beautiful sunshine award with a minimum 2 or 3 times during the past 3 days, U must know that Amy, the princess of the blogging universe is the one who makes it happen, she has had Jingle and William included in her sunshine award last Saturday, then like a magic, members or participants from Thursday Poets’ Rally and friends who are related to Jingle or William are directly and indirectly getting this award….A smile to the face of the loner, a surprise to those of us who are hunger for friendship and love…all BECAUSE OF  Amy.

Please pay Amy a visit to appreciate her kindness in the first place, and give an additional comment for her most updated post…We own her a great big 10Q!

I wrote the following Tuesday Haiku for Amy.

Haiku #1:

Amy is the water in dry desert,

The air on earth,

And the pink roses on Valentine’s day.

Haiku #2:

Amy’s place

Is full of grace

And shines to embrace.

Haiku #3:

Amy and her family

Is the treasure

Of beauty and pleasure.

Haiku #4:

Amy is the one

Who projects FUN

Under the sun.

Haiku #5:

Amy loves U,

For being true

And for what U do!

Haiku #6:

Amy’s friendship

Is precious

And delicious.

If U R a sunshine award winner in the past three days, please click here Amy to show your support to Amy, she deserves  a feast of compliments ..she has earned it! Thank U for your support to our friend Amy.