Dogs bark at midnight,

a horse thumps his ribs with his tails.


Thunder in the morning goes on into noon,

Trapped chickens expect heavy rain soon.


Leaves shiver,

Waterfalls roar.


Muscat panic sky,

Half wet and half dry.


Fish float to breathe air,

Cows in the barn make anxious stare.


Crickets fasten their ticks,

Pigs play with match sticks.


Your mood tips over the day like a thud,

What’s the door to Heaven, you’ve forgot.


Muscat panic sky,

Half wet and half dry.

My Candle Burns At Both Ends

My candle burns at both ends,

Not sure how to identify true friends;

Life moves on without a hitch,

WHY care about which is witch;

If I bury all sorrows in a crater,

Won’t things look much better?

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30 Poems in 30 Days-Day 29

NaPoWriMo: (Day 29, headline)

New York  Times Headline, April 29, 2011 : with 300 dead, a search for survivors,


I have nil control over my fate

When it comes to earthquake,

The nightmare hits my place

With unstoppable pace.

The floor cracks,

The Building falls.

Rocks crumble,

Animals stumble.

Humans get buried

While rescuing teams hurried.

When I open my eyes,

I see dead flies

And wounded mice,

Lying in bed,

I learned that my parents are dead!

So sad,

So mad,

About this bad

Fate I have had!

Becoming homeless,

And feeling helpless,

Strangers care for me instead.

Being still in dread

Of this disastrous dismay,

I chew a slice of bread

And wonder

Where is my home to stay.

Alphabe-Thursday-Beat it!

It steals your heart

like a cheating mate,

It makes life fall apart

by falsely sealing your fate.

It slaps you on the face

like a losing hand,

It leaves no trace

for you to find.

“the task is too tough,”

“The music is too loud.”

“You did not perform good enough

to buoy the spirits of the crowd.”

Perfectionism makes you whine

and lose all the fun.

The tables have to be turned

so that life lessons can be learned.

Criticism is hard for you to hear

when no one else is near,

You end up inclining to regress

if the center topic is success.

Beat it,

Tear it,

Discard it,

Ignore it.


Thursday Thinking Tank- Kissed By Spring Breeze

Kissed by spring breeze,

Her cheeks turn pink, blush,

Red light,

She hits the break.


Time starts to freeze,

No traffic crossing, gush,

What a plight,

Her mind grows weak.


She gives her handle bar a squeeze,

And run cross the road in a rush,

As she navigates on the other side,

She sees a police car behind and feels like a freak.

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Tuesday Thankfulness(Support New Meme Effort)

During our life span,

We encounter many people,

Some come

and leave with twisted impressions,

Some join

and disappear with NO particular progressions,

While others stay,

and make visual contributions.

We do NO harm to those who disagree,

We let those short term passengers go free,

We treat the respectful ones with great passion,

That’s how we grow a forceful mission.

I am thankful

Because you are near,

I am grateful

because your friendship is dear,

Life is  beautiful

because spring is here,

Life is blissful

because my mind is pure.

Joy to YOU,

May all of your dreams come true.

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You, She, I, Excuse Me and Good Bye

You were our friend,
Things came to an end,
Because, something I “offend”.
I was waiting outside the door,
But she jumped over the floor
and went to see you, I saw.
After she’s gone,
I came in
and you asked me to leave you alone.
You, She, I,
You chose her,
I know why.

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I Had It Out of My Mission ( 4 Thursday Poets Rally Week 39)

I have a dream of fantasy,

I handled it with passion,

As my heart outgrows the fancy,

I had it out of my mission.

Now I can have peaceful sleep

so that my day is full of musical beep.


As if in eternity I have been,

I treasure the full blossom of my imagination,

Blue sky against fluffy clouds,

Rock and roll music with excited crowds.

Hillside with green grasses,

Pecan trees and poetic masses.

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