Alphabe-Thursday: F Is 4…

Frogs follow fish in a pond,

Forests find friends in camping ground.

Fairies fly high,

Farmers are fond of fruit pie.

Families fight to stay fit,

Film fans feel feverish to famous fellows’ wit.

Fall in love with fascinating Fall,

Fear nothing at all.

Facts and factors form a riddle,

Face a fabulous fiddle.

Faith facilitates fulfilling future,

Fire all the filthy creature.

Free fictional fears,

Fix fidget tears and wears.

File a final and fateful divorce

to all false and frightful force.

No more grades of F,

Enough talks of F…

Alphabe-Thursday ( F is 4…)

Submitted to Poets United Thursday Thinking Tank: Fears!

C It Your Way

U only live your life once,

U shall not allow any opportunity to go waste.

C it your way,

Make your day.

C is 4 COURAGE, the courage

2 fight anything that means to discourage.

If u r innocent,

U shall fear nothing

That r set up

2 shut u up;

If u r decent,

U shall fear nothing

that means to quiet u down

or make u drown.

U shall have the courage not to compromise your reputation,

to conquer possible deconstruction,

the courage to confront crimes,

to compose poetry that rhymes.

to collect wisdom,

to crash boredom,

to clarify confusions,

to count contributions.

to correct wrongs,

to compile songs.

to crack cases,

to convey graces.

to connect poets,

to contest doubts,

U shall have the courage to cry,

to try,

to continue

your avenue

to live, love,

And rise above…..

C it your way,

Never waste one single day.


This is an entry 4 Alphabe-Thursday


C is 4 ….

Submitted to Thursday Thinking Tank at Poets United:


Nobody Shall Ask You 2 Stop

When it comes to arithmetic,

1 plus 1 is equal to 2,

The equality is perfectly true.

when it comes to opinions at a poll,

1 plus 1 may not be equal to 2,

YES may be canceled by NO.

Equality reflects life’s quality,

One shall be aware of conflicts in reality.

Equality in life is everyone’s dream,

That’s how M. L. K. won his fame.

When it comes to blogging,

Everyone has the freedom in posting.

It does not matter where you live,

It does not matter what you believe,

Your RIGHT to blog is there,

An equal opportunity for all to shine and share.

Nobody shall ask you to stop,

Nobody shall act like a blogging cop.

Do your own share,

Never threat or scare…

Writing posts is like driving your own car,

do it with care,

near or far,

Enjoy your ride with zero despair.

People may disagree,

But RESPECT is to be maintained for free.

Grow your own friendship tree,

Stop blog bullying from blocking your way.


This poem is inspired by the prompt offered at Poets United: Thursday Thinking Tank..

our world is filled with people of different gender, race, background, and age…Blog hosts such as and offer everyone an equal opportunity to express yourself, make visual or online friends, and built up solid writing skills…This is a renaissance in celebrating FREEDOM of expression, EQUALITY in global sense.

Let’s cherish it, honor it!

at last, I want to share a quote with you:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievance.”

—-The First Amendment

To the U. S. Constitution

Happy Thursday 2 All My Blogging Friends!

U R The Best!

If All The Words Go Flat

If all the words go flat

Like the knap of a kitten’s back,

Do you ruffle the page

to show your waves of rage?

Do you Rally your courage

Trying not to discourage?

Do you rabble up the rouse

To insult someone’s spouse?

Do you plant more pain

Or figure out a way to explain?

Maybe you shall refrain

From emotional explosion,

I will try to remain

in a position

Where I am nowhere


artificial fame,

man-made shame,

Luxurious repasts,

Hatred blasts,

Big bigotry,

Polluted factory….

I will lean back,

Take a deep breath,


Poets United Poetry Pantry

Jingle Poetry Monday Poetry Potluck

Blue Monday at  Smiling Sally

Raindrops Tease The Deserted Pool

Kids have gone back to school,
Raindrops tease the deserted pool,
Tree shadows flicker on the wall
As the wind sings the rhythms of the Fall.
Sharpen your eyes,
Identify ghosts in human disguise.
Watch the musicians play
As leaves start to decay.
Sail on the prolific ocean
While pumpkins go ripen.
Toast your days with flying fantasy,
Prepare for the season’s abundance and intimacy.

This poem is written for Thursday Poets Rally Week 27…A post about the detailed information will be up in this blog within 24 hours on Wednesday…if you plan to attend, start to prepare your poem now…
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Magpie Tale -Songs of The Summer

There are two lyrics
About summer,
One hangs in space,
Obligated by the sun
And the sound of ocean waves,
Obscured under the shades of green cliffs;
The other one is abstract,
Kept alive by spirits
And the bubbles of your dreams,
Deflected from the reality
of conflicts and grieves.
Thoughts linger in minds,
Fish swim in waters,
Pumpkins ripen on vines,
and the direction of the wind matters
Because it defines your beliefs.
The images of the Fall season mark a future
In nature
That spans the gap between the unknown
And the known.
It is late August,
Don’t dwell in the bathtub for too long,
Listen to your favorite summer song
Before it is completely gone!


Magpie Tale

Magpie Tales

Happy Reading!
Happy Creative Writing!

Magpie Tale-Thoughts Do Have Wings

Magpie Tales

This is an entry for Magpie Tale at magpie tale


Getting out of bed

With an aching head,

She decides to write

Something bright

Based on Willow’s Guild.

Yet, all through the night,

Nothing comes out alright.

Biting her lips tight,

She continues to fight

About what might

Fit the given prompt right.

She desires something white,

Something light,

Somethings quite


Or something related to plight

or diet…

A kitten’s purr

makes a stir,

She opens her door

And starts to explore;

Twilight is in the air,

Muses hit her,

No more feelings of despair,

She takes a deep breath

And grins-

Thoughts do have wings

When one opens up to many things.

Magpie Tale Prompt #24

I Want 2 Bee Worthy Of This Waking Dream

I want 2 bee worthy of this waking dream-

Floating in the sky

of July,

Yes, I will be up high soaring

Among the stars

and around the mars,

I will lose my mind

Of humankind

And a brief


Will hold me safe…

Upon ending the fun

of Being divine,

I will fall

With my twisted jaw…

With exhaustion

In a commotion,

I see one zillion mosquitoes

Plus one billion butterflies

Swimming at the heads of

One billion wild flowers:

White, yellow, red, blue, purple, green, or orange,

With a dragonfly being near,

I see a deer in the woods,

A horse in the pasture,

A rabbit in the backyard,

A pair of EYES at the window,

A knock at the door,

And a diamond on the floor.


Applying my imagination to write poetry and share with fellow poets are something precious, or diamond alike, simply put, writing and sharing =>diamond=>treasure!

This poem is an entry 4 The Thursday Think Tank prompt #6 (Diamond) Poets United

And an entry 4 (Treasure) Writer’s Island

Happy Thursday!

Thursday Poets Rally Week 25 post will be up on July 21, 2010 right in this blog.  Thank You for the patience and diligence. Hope 2 C U all next week.

You Live, You Dream

You live, You dream,

You laugh, You Scream.

Everyone dreams of one’s need,

Everyone fears of one’s greed.

All our sorrows and tears

Help us grow stronger over the years.

Beyond that, you can see,

Women dream whatever she be,

And her dreams no one knows,

Dreams that rails on her foes.

All the praises she receives

Will be written in wind, and leaves.

I dream and I am bond with chains,

And I dream that all the pains

Help me learn

And win.

What is life?

A roller coaster ride

That could go extreme.

How to survive?

Hold your steering wheels tight

And do an excellent drive,

No blame game!

This piece is submitted to Monday Poetry Train 89

Family Fridays-I Must Tell You This!

I must tell you this,

You shall not take me amiss.

You have been so friendly I know,

Everyone’s friendship is appreciated so.

I prefer to set a benign example,

I am sure you can find many a similar sample.

Blogging is serious affair,

We make online friends everywhere.

Write and read posts, both fun and cool,

The relations shall be healthy and true.

Enjoy the aptitude of your curious mind,

Let all the sins and vices go behind.

Family members or kids are not to be hurt,

Lust or wild thoughts shall be halted instead.

Faith may be helpful, no doubt,

To guide souls and root one’s vices out.

If you listen and be true,

People will less likely to censure you.

Stay modest until the end,

Guard yourself from getting hurt, my friend.

Watch out for issues, be dear,

Sail your boat wisely, far and near.

Hello, This is an entry for Family Fridays, a meme

cohosted by Amy and Lori…Jingle simply wrote a poem

offering some advices to friends in our blogging family.

No offense, have fun! You Know Better Than Me!

Please feel free to visit all participants of Family Fridays!

Have A Fantastic Fridays!

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