Between U And Me


When I don’t know U,

And U don’t know me,

I dreamed about getting in touch with somebody,

That somebody could be anyone, including U.


When U don’t know me,

And I don’t know U,

I pictured in my head for my dreams to come true,

Upon then, life will be upgraded, fresh and anew.


Between U and me,

There are distances, near or far,

Between U ad me,

There are roadblocks keeping us apart.


The path that connects U and me

Is invisible,

The light that guides you to me

Is unreachable,


Until both of us are ready,

We meet with a click of our mouses,

Joy and satisfaction have gone steady,

As we network without leaving our houses.


Hello, How do U do?

What is the most amazing thing that connects U and Me? Describe it using only ONE WORD__________.

Let me know YOUR ideas and thoughts, thank U dearly for the lasting love and light … 😉 🙂 😉