Can U B Perfect?

Perfectionism steals your heart

Like a cheating mate,

It makes your life fall apart

By falsely sealing your fate.


It slaps U on the face

Like a losing hand,

It leaves no trace

As if it is wind.


“The homework is too tough,”

“The music is too loud,”

“U did not perform good enough

To buoy the mood of the crowd.”


Did U hear that?

Can U tolerate that?

Criticism keeps flying everywhere,

When being perfect is the only thing people care.


When U allow perfectionism to make U whine,

U lose all the fun.

U must put this to an end,

Because U deserve the freedom to live, love, break, and mend.


Hello, How R U today?

Can U B Perfect?

Let me know how perfectionism could ruin the nature of rainy, sunny, and cloudy days in life.

thank U so very much.  Jingle wishes U A Very Sunny and Funny Saturday! 😉 😉 😉