It’s My Turn To Entertain U!

Hello,  Everyone!

I feel good and better  today!

Hope that U all have A Sunny Sunday!

I feel sorry for the poem published yesterday, I spent too much time on computer and it is my OWN fault that I am fed up. All of U R so caring and selfless, I feel ashamed about my attitude. Please, I beg your pardon!

I want to tell U that I am related to Asian culture, my family always celebrated Chinese New Year, I am sure my parents and relatives are enjoying the heat of this Holiday right now back in my home country, I own my parents and must say: Happy New Year, Mom and Dad! Please give my best to relatives who cared and shared love with me until today, and I am grateful that U give me life and raised me so that I have a better life now in America. As U know, ever since I came to America in 1993, I never really celebrated Chinese New Year again. The environment is very different in the United States and I feel more peaceful without parties or feasts!

In America, today is also Valentine’s Day! I am thoughtful that many blogging friends offered me kind words and good intention, your WORDS  genuinely touch my heart! Jingle is human, Jingle needs to be honest with herself and with her friends…In case any one of You decide to walk away because I am Asian, please feel free, I send you my blessings and wish you well rest of the life. I have cherished my time with all of you.

I have found some of my favorite music to share with you. I used to watch these on YouTube.

Let me know what you think after you tried them one by one.  thank U.

U have cared and shared your deepest thoughts with me, it is my turn to entertain U !

#1: Chinese Opera with English sub

#2: The Moon Represents My Heart (love song, it is sung byHayley’s a Kiwi…from New Zealand, not sure about Shin – probably one of the new Taiwanese stars)

#3: Chinese Yueju Opera (Classical and beautful)

#4: Enter the dream Paradise

#5: Thank U, Dear! (two versions, enjoy the music and graphics)

this one (above) reminds me of myself  when I went home for winter or summer vacation from college. The content of the song is about one’s gratefulness toward one’s parents, friends, neighbors, teachers, coworkers…nothing about the party.

(2009 New Year Celebration, see above)

I will catch up with commenting on your blog on Tuesday. Kids have NO school from Friday to next Monday!

Sorry and I appreciate your patience!