Feline Fun

There are four (4) cats in a boat, and one (1) jumped out. How many cats are left in the boat?

Solution: None, it is clearly said that 4 cats in a boat, one jumped off, since cats and humans are all copycats, the rest 3 cats and anyone who are humans also jumped off the boat.  We care about the moment, thus there in zero cats left in the boat.

Debbie and Bananz have correct answers.

The rest are well reasoned, and I enjoy the fun discussing this with you.  Thank U for the participation!

Happy Sunday 2 U all!

U R The Best!

Blogger Buddy Award And Happy 50th Birthday to William

Blogger Buddy Award

Award from  Rajlakshmi, The smart and creative girl at http://destinychildosheen.blogspot.com/2010/02/of-random-rambling-and-awards.html

Rajlakshmi is a fresh blood in our Thursday Poets’ Rally week 7, she has this perfect or novel post which comes in lovely love shapes and cute sizes that filled with colorful words in her poems, how amazing discovery to find her and have her as part of us!

Thank U, dearest Rajlakshmi , I feel very humbled and honored, xxx.  😉

Rules of Accepting the award, simply pass to ten (10)  blogger buddy friends. I have so many, hope that some of u who missed it today will get the award indirectly.

#1: william

#2: Amy

#3: Jaymie

#4: justmeshakira

#5: pttyann

#6: SnaggleTooth

#7: Doraz

#8: CottageGirl

#9: Sunny

#10: sheila

It is William’s 50th year birthday on Sunday, February 28, 2010. What A Beautiful Time to celebrate. William is my earliest and oldest blogging friend, he always return favors on commenting and my day will be saddened if I did not see him in my place for one whole day.  Thus, I want to say how grateful I am to William here, please feel free to visit both Rajlakshmi at Rajlakshmi and Willliam at william today, to  thank them for brightening our days with awards and encouraging comments. Happy Birthday to William and Happy Sunday to U all!  😉 😉 ;).