Thursday Thinking Tank-To Love Is To Forgive

The purpose of life on earth

Is to love,


And serve.

For some reason,

Offenses happen


Hush words are spoken

Without careful consideration.

Resentments become roadblocks

in communication.

Pardon must be given,

Anger must be renounced

In order for peace, love, and humanity

To be granted by Heaven.

To love

Is to forgive

Not receive!

It’s hard to love one’s enemy,


The pain is NOT lessened

When hatred faces hatred.

Love obliterate

And eliminate.

Love is light,

Love is sunshine.

To love others

Is to love yourselves.

With love as the prescription

For everything,

Life is lighter,

Your smile is brighter.


Poets United (Thursday Thinking Tank, Forgiveness)

Fabulous Blog Award

Award from Jamie, one of the three nominees.

on February 9, 2010, I was awarded the “Fabulous Blog Award” by Jaymie at Jamie Thorne’s Personal Musings. Here is a link to the post:  December Gifts:

Jamie is a cool friend to have, she is highly talented in poetry, she writes with her heart and amuses many of her fans with precise and amazing capture of human feelings. She would break away for a day or two, but when she returns to computer, she will comment for me with 2 or 3 beautiful compliments in a row…she is the leading figure in our Thursday Poets’ Rally, she has never missed a week, always on the front line to read, encourage, and offer hints or clues on poems written by strangers or fresh poets…She is such a rare blogging buddy to have in Jingle’s place, Please visit  Jaymie and enjoy a feast of her poetry packed with wisdom, fun, and love!

No Rules for this award, Jingle is pleased to pass it to SIX (6) blogging friends that are Fabulus !

PS: Jamie passed it to 3 only,  I suppose that you winner shall pass to 3 to 6 blogger, please work hard and follow the lead not to exceed 10 blogger! Thank U!

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